Help me remember the name of this clothing shop!!

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deflatedbirthday Fri 14-Jan-22 14:51:18

Please help me remember the name of this clothing shop!

The clues are:
UK highstreet
Now defunct
Was open in 2003/2004 but unsure when it closed
Used to sell jeans that were embellished on the back pockets (amongst other things!)
The brand name was sewn/ embroidered into the jeans!

I used to love them and it driving me nuts!

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tootsnwoocake Fri 14-Jan-22 15:06:24

Morgan? Kookai?

titchy Fri 14-Jan-22 15:07:42

Etam? Chelsea girl?

smallandimperfectlyformed Fri 14-Jan-22 15:07:51

Jane Norman?

freshcarnation Fri 14-Jan-22 15:09:01


freshcarnation Fri 14-Jan-22 15:09:17


deflatedbirthday Fri 14-Jan-22 15:09:26

None of the above 😩

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Bettyhatesavocados Fri 14-Jan-22 15:09:30


Woffle Fri 14-Jan-22 15:10:38

Bay trading

Prettybubblesintheair Fri 14-Jan-22 15:10:42

Bay trading?

HelloDulling Fri 14-Jan-22 15:11:19

What sort of price bracket? What were the other clothes like?

Crunched Fri 14-Jan-22 15:12:11

C&A ?

Shangrilalala Fri 14-Jan-22 15:12:38

Oui Set? I had the most fabulous blingy sweater and they did love a bit of embroidery.

TulipVictory Fri 14-Jan-22 15:13:00

Bit of a chavvy/blingy style as was popular then?

TheFlis12345 Fri 14-Jan-22 15:13:03

Joe Bloggs? Not sure they had shops but had the brand name on the back pocket of jeans. Or Naf Naf? They might be a bit earlier though.

TashieWoo Fri 14-Jan-22 15:13:31

Mark One is the only other shop I can think of, or it was rebranded as MK One. It was a cheapy shop though.

deflatedbirthday Fri 14-Jan-22 15:14:07

No none of those either. Bay Trading is in the right bracket.

Not very expensive. I was 13/14.

They sold a lot of jumpers too.

The jeans were good quality and often embellished on the back pockets.

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Drunkpanda Fri 14-Jan-22 15:14:36

What every woman wants - came to mind, but too big to go on the back of a jeans pocket!

Emanchego Fri 14-Jan-22 15:14:45


TulipVictory Fri 14-Jan-22 15:14:49


TulipVictory Fri 14-Jan-22 15:15:13


WellTidy Fri 14-Jan-22 15:15:15


Jane Norman?




Bushkin Fri 14-Jan-22 15:15:32

Miss sixty

opinionminion Fri 14-Jan-22 15:16:10

Pepe ?

accidentlygothereagain Fri 14-Jan-22 15:18:25


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