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Do you tip your hairdresser?

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beanstalk Sun 16-Dec-07 09:48:46

I have never understood the whole tipping etiquette here. I have just found a new hairdresser who was fab and now wonder should I have left a tip? Who out there tips their hairdresser, is it the norm?

callmeoverchristmas Sun 16-Dec-07 09:53:58

Yes. A quick Cut costs £20 and I leave her £2 on top. Yesterday I had my hair done and she styled it for a Party as well so it cost a bit more and as it is Christmas I left her £5.

I don't know if this is too much or too little but it is what I am happy with. She is great and always remembers me, asks after DD etc.

CarmenerryChristmas Sun 16-Dec-07 09:55:03

This subject polarises mn. Most people do tip, many think why should they, haircuts cost enough already. Fwiw I always do and I know they look forward to cutting my hair as there is always a decent tip at the end of it for them. For me usually the cut and colour comes to about 70 or 80 and I give the stylist a fiver and the hairwasher a quid. So not even 10 per cent. I would definitely tip around christmas even if you don't the rest of the year.

WideWebWitch Sun 16-Dec-07 10:01:39

Hello. Well, I have always tipped my hairdresser until recently when the owner did it and I decided it was probably rude to tip her so I didn't. Cut and colour was £120 so quite enough already.

beanstalk Sun 16-Dec-07 10:06:14

Wickedwaterwitch, I would have felt the same. But would you always tip everyone except the owner?
The thing is it was quite a posh salon I went to and it just felt a bit vulgar I guess to hand her cash. The other 2 customers paying at the same time as me didn't tip either, so I felt awkward about it. Am I just being very 'British' about it? Trying to work out why I feel so uncomfortable with it!

pinetreedog Sun 16-Dec-07 10:10:17

I do tip my hairdresser, £2 usually. Occasionally I haven't, if I've no change.

I don't tip for my daughters' haircuts though.

WideWebWitch Sun 16-Dec-07 10:14:24

Well, this is a new salon. In old ones I'd just hand over a tenner as I'd finished paying and say "that's for Victoria/you" and that's it. The other day is the first time I haven't tipped in years, it felt liberating tbh!

callmeoverchristmas Sun 16-Dec-07 10:16:13

I think if I had lots done which cost £120 I would think twice about tipping too! But my hair is short and straight and a really quick job for them so costs very little to have done in the first place (plus I go to a local salon rather than a Chain so it is cheaper).

beanstalk Sun 16-Dec-07 10:21:53

So does the cost of the haircut make a difference then? I always used to tip my old hairdresser because I knew she would appreciate having some cash to buy a drink after work! But this new salon I have been to feels different which is making me unsure what the proper thing to do is! Best haircut I've had in a long time and cost £35 which I don't think was too bad for the service I got.

CremolaFirCone Sun 16-Dec-07 10:24:21

no not on a normal day but I do at Christmas especially if they have got me in the week before the 25th.I usually leave £10 for their xmas do and a decent bottle of wine for the girl who always does my cut.

beanstalk Sun 16-Dec-07 10:25:32

Oh I feel mean now Cremola!

CremolaFirCone Sun 16-Dec-07 10:29:59

no don't. A haircut costs a fortune these days.I pay easily £80 and more if i have the colour done.I only tip because I have been using the same salon for 20 years and know them all- so it would actually be embarassing NOT to.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Sun 16-Dec-07 10:39:19

My hairdressers are great and it costs me £28 for a cut and blow dry and straightening so I just give them £30 and leave the change as a tip. If it cost much more I doubt I would though tbh!

scrummyfairyontopofthetree Sun 16-Dec-07 10:40:40

I tip my hairdresser £2 whether it be £23 for the cut and blow or £60 including colouring. My boys also go but I do not tip for them.

I usually buy chocolates or wine for christmas and put it under their tree. I do not put anyones name on the tag.

I work part-time as a waitress and it is always nice to get a tip from the customer which to me says we have done a good job.

AMerryScot Sun 16-Dec-07 10:48:30

I usually give around 10%

BibiJesus Sun 16-Dec-07 10:51:21

Not unless they deserve a tip. My regular guy is good, but he's also a miserable old bugger and charges enough anyway.

ItCameUponAMidnightClara Sun 16-Dec-07 11:24:35

I tip, I pay about £80 for cut and colour and tip about £5 depending on what's in my purse. I felt this was justified when I had an appointment once on a different day to usual and saw other staff and they knew 'of' me because she'd talked about the colours we'd been trying - made me feel valued as a client.

DarthVader Sun 16-Dec-07 14:42:13

10% for me and dd, normally about £8 for cuts

Am always amazed that some folk don't tip

FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Dec-07 14:44:02

Message withdrawn

MellowChristmasEveryone Sun 16-Dec-07 14:44:12

My hair usually costs around £55.00, I give her £5.00, she very nice.

MellowChristmasEveryone Sun 16-Dec-07 14:44:54

I like these threads, they always come up just after I have my hair done.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Dec-07 14:45:48

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FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Dec-07 14:47:44

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FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Dec-07 14:49:09

Message withdrawn

FluffyMummy123 Sun 16-Dec-07 14:49:39

Message withdrawn

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