Does this dress look ok for a relaxed meal?

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LazyMareofEastown Thu 25-Nov-21 17:48:02

Have....ahem.......expanded in lockdown 😳 and am feeling a bit down on myself. Love this dress and it's really comfy (plus pockets 👌) but feeling a bit paranoid about how it fits around the midsection.

Does it look ok?

Sorry about the mirror, don't own a plain full length one.

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Ididanamechange Thu 25-Nov-21 17:48:56

I think its lovely and suits you very much.

Bettybantz Thu 25-Nov-21 17:49:41

Yes, it’s lovely!

Carboncheque Thu 25-Nov-21 17:52:09

It looks really good. If you’re feeling self conscious you can always break out the Spanx.

teaandtoastwithmarmite Thu 25-Nov-21 17:53:41

That's lovely. It looks so nice on you smile

OwlBasket Thu 25-Nov-21 17:55:25

Yes, it looks great.

Please don’t break out the Spanx though, would spoil the whole evening!

WTF475878237NC Thu 25-Nov-21 17:57:08

You look lovely in it. Have a nice time.


miltonj Thu 25-Nov-21 17:57:45

Look lovely.. enjoy!

LazyMareofEastown Thu 25-Nov-21 17:58:18

Aw thanks all. I feel loads better now.

Carboncheque I've sworn off control underwear ever since a few Xmas parties ago I had a very unfortunate incident with some crotch poppers popping open mid meal 😳 and DP having to leg it to the nearest sainsburys for safety pins which I then had to do and undo every time I went for a wee. This got more difficult and became more hazardous to my nethers as the night went on 🥂🤣

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CatonMat Thu 25-Nov-21 17:59:21

It really does look lovely.
You look fabulous in it!

mrstea301 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:00:26

You look fab in that dress, it's gorgeous!!

SummaLuvin Thu 25-Nov-21 18:02:55

It looks fine on the pictures, nothing to worry about at all.

But. If you will still feel self-conscious it's better to wear something else no matter what people say on here. I've had doubts about outfits before, asked friends opinions, they said I looked great, stuck with it, and then didn't properly enjoy myself because I was uncomfortable and constantly adjusting and worrying.

Carboncheque Thu 25-Nov-21 18:11:25

grin Maybe not the pants then.

SymbollocksInteractionism Thu 25-Nov-21 18:16:53

It looks lovely OP

AnneShirleysNewDress Thu 25-Nov-21 18:21:22

You look great and I love the dress.

MsRinky Thu 25-Nov-21 18:24:47

It looks lovely. How does it feel when you're say down though? My mid-section seems to expand on sitting down, so some dresses that look perfectly nice when I'm stood up get less so...

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 25-Nov-21 18:25:57

Its lovely! Wheres it from?

stalkersaga Thu 25-Nov-21 18:26:52

Yes, it's a lovely and perfectly appropriate dress and looks to fit you well.

whateveritwilltake Thu 25-Nov-21 18:29:11

I can tell it really suits your colouring. It's relaxed and at the same time a tiny bit of décolletage on show. Your jewellery is lovely too. Nice one OP

Purple444 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:30:14

You look lovely. Have a great evening.

CrimbleCrumble1 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:31:18

You look great.

FredJonesPt2 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:46:10

You look lovely.

gogohm Thu 25-Nov-21 18:47:39

You look lovely, I wish my midriff had only expanded that much! (Strict diet January)

AdoraBell Thu 25-Nov-21 18:49:22

Looks really nice on you 👍hope you enjoy the evening.

LazyMareofEastown Thu 25-Nov-21 21:22:15

I'm back. Felt really comfortable and had a lovely time scoffing keralan food and drinking wine 😁

For those who have asked, the dress is vintage, from the 80's I think. I was drawn to it because its got strong shoulders which help create the illusion that I actually have a waist 😬.

Thanks for the nice comments.

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