Primer wanted!

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BlueBellsArePretty Fri 29-Oct-21 09:49:08

Also recommend Clarins Smooth Perfecting, it lasts for ages and can be worn on it's own.

Dinnertime22 Fri 29-Oct-21 08:37:04

I have tried a few. I rate Nars and Bobbi Brown.

DazzlePaintedBattlePants Fri 29-Oct-21 08:31:27

M&S Luminosity primer was recommended on here - I really rate it.

ElleGettingBetter Fri 29-Oct-21 07:33:46

Try Mally Perfect Prep Glowing Primer - it blurs your pores and gives a lovely glow so you can wear it alone.

disconnected101 Thu 28-Oct-21 23:52:23

I see Wilko is in Scotland/England - I'm in N.I. - but they do deliver. Not sure I could justify having a wee tube posted over! Is it like a The Range type place?

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disconnected101 Thu 28-Oct-21 23:48:05

Thanks for the replies everyone!
Only getting caught up now. I have tried Benefit Porefessional. It was a wee tester that was free with a magazine yonks ago. I really liked it!
I might look at it again. I don't wear makeup on a daily basis, mostly just for work at the weekends but the Nip + Fab stuff just really evened out my skin tone & I didn't wear foundation on top. The product itself was cloudy & had a bit of a mattifying effect on my oily skin, but mostly made it look kind of dewy and less blotchy. The Rimmel one is white and, although it blends well enough, makes me look even more pasty than I am naturally. I think it's designed to provide a base for foundation, rather than do any particular job alone.

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IloveJudgeJudy Thu 28-Oct-21 22:32:46

Try the Wilko ones in the grey tubes with different colour writing. They're £3.50. The pink one is a dupe for benefit Pearl porefessional


friggingnora Thu 28-Oct-21 09:31:55

I love Clarins Instant Smooth in the little red pot.

PeaceLoveAndCandy Thu 28-Oct-21 08:55:04

Estee Lauder is fantastic but £££

ElleGettingBetter Thu 28-Oct-21 08:34:19

Smashbox photo finish

SlateCoaster Thu 28-Oct-21 08:32:38

MAC do a fantastic one. I can wear it on it's own without even needing concealer over the top. Little bit pricey though

Enko Thu 28-Oct-21 08:29:29

I like the smashbox primers but they are not cheap. Just find they cover well and one of few places I find redness reduce actually redness reduce

Kjr33 Thu 28-Oct-21 08:26:21

I’m happy with my max factor colour correction one, and my benefit pore professional. I’m not sure what the nip+fab one you liked does so it’s hard to recommend an alternative. I’ve had success from elf primers so that could be a cheap and cheerful place to start?

disconnected101 Wed 27-Oct-21 22:51:55

Please can anyone recommend a primer to replace Nip + Fab Viper Venom Micro Blur?
I first saw it recommended on Swears By. I bought some, loved it, then stocked up (not enough obviously) when it was on offer a couple of years ago. I'm on my last tube & went to buy more & they've stopped doing it!! I can't see anything similar on their website sad
I got Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer but it just ain't the same. Can anyone help? The less pricey the better too! Tia.

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