What to wear to pub - advice please

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EssexLioness Thu 14-Oct-21 15:16:42

Hi, I am mid 40s and recently lost a lot of weight so getting used to not hiding my body away. I am size 12, with a bit of a tummy but that doesn’t notice when dressed in the right clothes. I am typical hourglass/ slight pear shaped.
I am an introvert and haven’t been out really for years, but been invited out for casual drinks mid week at the beginning of December. Want to look nice but be comfortable and not too try hard.
I am a summer so suit plum/ maroon, navy, dark green as well as paler colours such as rose pink or pale blue. I tend to feel better in the deeper colours though and wear a lot of green. I enjoy wearing colour and like prints, though nothing too wacky. I wear a lot of a line dresses in the summer but feel this is a bit try hard for a casual local pub, especially in colder weather.
Shoe wise I live in flats and love my Chelsea boots, and knee high lace ups, both in dark brown. I do have trainers too but feel a bit underdressed in them. I tend to veer towards smart-casual wear usually.
Hope I’ve included all relevant info. No particular budget, don’t mind spending a bit on pieces that will last years but definitely not looking at spending hundreds per item! I also favour a paired down wardrobe so would prefer something I can wear in different ways/ different types of occasion. Thank you

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Askinvillarblues Thu 14-Oct-21 18:05:52

How about coated skinnies with your Chelsea boots and then either a nice slouchy jumper (with a bit of sparkle?) or a more dressy shirt/top depending on how casual/smart you want to go? So slightly more ‘special’ versions of everyday clothes?

EdmontinaDonsAutumnalHues Thu 14-Oct-21 18:31:19


with your choice of lower half.

EssexLioness Thu 14-Oct-21 18:46:07

Hadn’t thought about coated skinnies - love that idea! I have a shirt that would look great with them. Might go for a slouchy jumper though to stay warm. Love that green jumper too! Thank you for the suggestions.

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