Very formal event - dress something like this please?!

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PostPopper Wed 13-Oct-21 22:55:52

Can any of you miracle workers help me track down this dress or something similar in a size 10 please?

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Defiantly41 Thu 14-Oct-21 20:16:47

John Lewis has lots of Arianna Papell but that one is out of stock in a 10 online. May be worth contacting your local store?


I found this at John Lewis & Partners. What do you think?

I found this at John Lewis & Partners. What do you think?

I found this at John Lewis & Partners. What do you think?

shouldistop Fri 15-Oct-21 06:50:01

mrssmiling Fri 15-Oct-21 09:08:46

@PostPopper Adrianna Papell have their own website but it looks as though that Mermaid dress is popular, and out of stock in your size. However…I may have found it! 🤞Grattan came up as a stockist…and it looks as though they have a 10! All sizes in stock actually. See if you can order…would never have thought of Grattan.

shouldistop Fri 15-Oct-21 09:09:40

@mrssmiling most of the sizes are out of stock

Gordonsgrin Fri 15-Oct-21 09:15:48

Not the same but you never know:

mrssmiling Fri 15-Oct-21 11:01:32

Ah, just thought as size boxes were clear they had stock! Sorry.
Gina Bacconi might be worth a look - similar sort of look.
Only a thought, but would hiring be an option?


PostPopper Fri 15-Oct-21 19:24:23

Thank you ladies.

I really want long sleeve to cover a mark on my arm
I’ll try the leaf print one @Defiantly41 thank you

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PostPopper Fri 15-Oct-21 19:25:29



Thank you will also try this

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