Can anyone recommend a lovely mineral face spf (tinted or untinted)

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Blahblahblahyadayadayada Wed 13-Oct-21 20:47:29

That’s it, really. I’ve used the Jan Marini one before but it is far too expensive. I’ve used Altruist’s face fluid before and to be fair, I don’t think it exacerbated my (mild) rosacea but I can’t quite remember! I have a Uriage one but it leaves me with a very obvious cast. I’d like it to be fragrance free also. Thanks in advance.

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Kjr33 Wed 13-Oct-21 21:23:21

Sunprise mild and airy is lovely. Possibly not great if you have dry skin. I also tried ultra violette who were doing a tester set of 4 but the mineral one made my eyes sting. Ugly duckling skincare on Instagram always seems to recommend sum bum, she tests a lot of mineral ones so probably worth a look.

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Wed 13-Oct-21 22:05:07

I’ve never heard of these brands! I’ll look them up, thank you!

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Kjr33 Thu 14-Oct-21 08:22:22

Are you uk based? I ordered sunprise from stylevana it was so slow for delivery but worth it in the end and they had so many options I would have a look and then google some that take your fancy and see if they have good reviews

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 14-Oct-21 14:14:31

Yes UK based. I’ve looked them up. The surprise one has eucalyptus but the ultraviolette seems fragrance free. I’m experiencing a mildly bumpy nose at the moment and just think a mineral spf might be worth trialling. Not sure what triggered it, though. How long did delivery take? I just wish there was a reasonably priced one you could just pick off the shelf!

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Kjr33 Thu 14-Oct-21 16:48:25

It did take weeks! I can’t remember exactly though. Did you look at ugly duckling on Instagram? I’m not too bothered on mineral or physical but she definitely recommends a lot of mineral ones you might be able to find one with better availability?

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 14-Oct-21 16:51:49

Yes but I struggle with Instagram. I see she suggests the sun bum (what a name). I’m thinking of trying the altruist one again as it isn’t a bad price. Then maybe could use something like a tinted one for face (I don’t like tinted for neck or ears).

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GonePenguin Thu 14-Oct-21 17:00:20


Even the untinted one looks like you’ve got the most flawless foundation on

Blahblahblahyadayadayada Thu 14-Oct-21 18:45:28

Oh yes- I have used that before and see they also do tinted ones now! Great ideas from all of you- much appreciated!

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cad186 Thu 14-Oct-21 22:05:42

I quite like the Sam Bunting one, there is tinted or untinted, the tinted one is probably not quite enough coverage for me but I do use it by itself sometimes on good skin days!

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