Oil free BB cream? Boots have discontinued the No 7 BB cream

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Coffeepot72 Tue 12-Oct-21 15:31:03

I used to love Boots No 7 BB cream for oily/normal skin and now they've discontinued it sad Can anyone suggest an alternative?

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Coffeepot72 Wed 13-Oct-21 12:24:10

Anyone? Or am I the only one who ever used it (which might explain why it’s been discontinued!)

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LoveLabradors Wed 13-Oct-21 13:38:14

I love IT cosmetics oil free cc cream. Good coverage without being heavy and lasts well. Although I also love Eborian bb cream too. I don’t know if it’s oil free but it certainly doesn’t make my skin shiny or greasy!

rbe78 Wed 13-Oct-21 14:05:38

Not the only one, I'm devastated! The normal/dry one is actually quite good too, which I don't think they've discontinued. I've used it before and it's been fine on my oily/combination skin.

I've coped by buying a two-year supply on ebay! I was thinking of trying the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint as a potential replacement.

MancMum2000 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:40:14

Whaaaat they’ve discontinued it? FFS how annoying, that has been my go-to for years. I tried the IT one but it was way too thick and orangey for me.

Coffeepot72 Thu 14-Oct-21 19:00:54

I looked on eBay, but they didn’t have it in “light”

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Coffeepot72 Thu 14-Oct-21 19:12:22

Update - I just managed to find one tube of it on eBay. But once it’s gone it’s gone, and I’m just delaying the inevitable … !

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Laquila Thu 14-Oct-21 19:13:54

Second vote for Erborian CC cream. And they now do a "water" version which may be even lighter (not that the normal one is greasy at all).

shivermetimbers77 Thu 14-Oct-21 19:15:30

I like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue.

Hopesakiller Thu 14-Oct-21 19:18:04

I have a drawer full of them as last time I bought online it said it was being discontinued. Probably have enough for a year or two, but following with interest for when I run out

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