If you are in your 50s, please come and tell me what your jeans and boots combos look like this a/w

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Chuckinitdown Mon 11-Oct-21 19:12:00

Just that really! So skinny jeans are ‘out’ but are they really? I absolutely refuse to do bare ankles past the end of this month and could do with a boot refresh but nothing really grabs me. I can’t see myself doing away with my skinnies but am open to other shapes as long as I can wear with the yet to be purchased boots. FWIW, I’m reasonably slim but my legs aren’t my finest feature (very slim) so between them and my legs I’m nit sure DMs or such would suit. But I could be wrong! What’s everyone else wearing?

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MissyB1 Mon 11-Oct-21 19:13:26

I’m 53. I can’t wear skinny jeans they just make me look short and frumpy I don’t know why!
I’m wearing bootcut (Fatface) with brown Chelsea boots.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 11-Oct-21 19:19:21

I bought some slim flares, which look nice with boots with a slight block heel.

For flat boots, I've got straight leg Levis and 7s, which I'll continue to wear slightly rolled up but with socks and the roll up will sit just at the top of the boots, so no bare ankles!

MissLucyEyelesbarrow Mon 11-Oct-21 19:25:46

I wear straight jeans - these are my favourites - with ankle boots - flat as can't be arsed with a heel. I roll the jeans up slightly, but they are still over my boots, so no bare legs in winter.

I have a couple of pairs of long boots, which I love, but I tend to wear them with skirts. My legs are toned but quite chunky and I don't think jeans with long boots suit me, as it slims the lower leg and makes the thighs look bigger by comparison.

StCharlotte Mon 11-Oct-21 19:27:13

As an apple my legs are my best feature so It's skinnies all the way for me. With knee high boots - sometimes brown leather, sometimes black suede. And sometimes ankle boots.

Can't do the DM or clumpy boot thing but can admire it on others.

MorrisZapp Mon 11-Oct-21 19:28:51

Skinnies with heeled ankle boots here

TheFallenMadonna Mon 11-Oct-21 19:33:53

With boots I wear on the ankle straight leg jeans, with either flat lace up boots or slight heel ankle boots. Or slim flares with the ankle boots.


dottyaboutstripes Mon 11-Oct-21 19:34:17

Skinnies - I like them, they suit me (btw I mentioned to dd 27 that skinnies are "out" and she laughed her head off and said she wasn't going to stop wearing them)
Current favourite boots are DMs with zips both sides

Congressdingo Mon 11-Oct-21 19:35:19

Skinny jeans, I care not that they are out or in fashion. They suit me so fuck it.
With various nanette boots by grenson.
I have a beautiful pair of nanette in mid blue with "paint splashes" . Love them so much but also a black pair and some others also from grenson and Celtic &co.

catscatscurrantscurrants Mon 11-Oct-21 19:58:18

Slim bootcut jeans with lace up ankle boots, low block heel.

Turkishangora Mon 11-Oct-21 20:03:51

This year it's skinnies (and likely always will be!) With black chunky soled ankle boots. Most years previously it's been low heeled cowboy boots.

Snailhaterz2 Mon 11-Oct-21 20:10:53

Straight legged jeans in blue or faded black, worn slightly rolled up over doc martin or timberland ankle boots. Just bought some slightly looser jeans, which I'm planning to roll up a bit more to wear with some chunky brogue style shoes. Skinnies never really worked for me as I've got quite chunky calves.

Chrispackhamspoodle Mon 11-Oct-21 20:35:03

I have Levi 501s which I wear rolled up with stan smiths.Mind you I've been wearing them the past 3 years .Plus some Hush boyfriend jeans also with trainers.Cant wear them with boots as I look stumpy.I'll still be wearing my skinnies as 1/2 my boot collection will have to go if not...none of them go with anything else .Also I need them for dog walking as they tuck in my wellies.

Laburnam Mon 11-Oct-21 20:39:11

Skinnies definitely still in bought a pair recently from H and M

CeliaCanth Mon 11-Oct-21 20:44:28

Straight leg (J Brand and M&S) with either dark brown Chelsea boots, tan suede mid heeled cowboy boots, or dark brown block heeled boots.
Alternatively - the dreaded skinnies in tan knee high boots or Dubarry boots depending on the weather. I can’t tuck other jeans in without it looking a bit odd.

MarleneDietrichsSmile Mon 11-Oct-21 21:56:33

Loose carpenter jeans with trainers


Rolled up mom jeans with lace up boots or ankle boots

Or jumper dress with tights and boots

Skinny jeans in welly boots for morning dog walk only.

That’s my plan

SirChenjins Mon 11-Oct-21 22:02:26

Skinny jeans with knee length brown leather boots or pull on chunky soled ankle boots, or slim bootcut jeans with high heeled ankle boots. I like them, they suit me, so I wear them.

dudsville Mon 11-Oct-21 22:04:59

I'm sticking with my wide leg or tapered, cropped trousers, for winter I'm wearing them with solovair shoes, which are chunky but aren't boots.

Chuckinitdown Mon 11-Oct-21 22:45:18

Gosh, thanks for all the replies! I’ve been wearing straight leg jeans all summer with bare ankles and trainers but, for some reason, just planned to put them away over winter. Maybe not! Think I’ll try them with my existing boots and see what they’re like and am now off to have a look at other styles of boot. Actually I also love the idea of a slim flare, or take me back 15 years to boot cuts!!

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FedUpAtHomeTroels Mon 11-Oct-21 23:01:10

I wear mid rise straight leg jeans, no ankles showing here. My boots are the same as last year short suede buff coloured ankle boots, my jeans go over the top.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 11-Oct-21 23:18:25

40s here but wearing barrel/balloon jeans, or Levi’s 501 crops. Trainers or DM monkey (Church) boots in black and oxblood. I wear knee-high socks underneath if it’s too cold to have a gap - either colourful patterned ones or plain grey/navy/black depending on the occasion.

Mumwithbaggage Tue 12-Oct-21 01:22:16

I live in the sticks. Will take YEARS for people round here to get the new jeans styles so I'm going to keep on with the skinnies.

StCharlotte Tue 12-Oct-21 08:21:00

To be fair the only place I've seen that skinnies are out is on this board.

MorrisZapp Tue 12-Oct-21 08:56:27

Skinnies are declared as 'out' every year. Nobody's told the shops though, who still shift them in vast quantity.

dottyaboutstripes Tue 12-Oct-21 09:17:28


To be fair the only place I've seen that skinnies are out is on this board.


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