Silk pillowcases - do they work?

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2389Champ Mon 11-Oct-21 17:40:33

Chatting to a complete stranger in a queue today who happened to have beautiful skin although I’m guessing she was late sixties. I complemented her and she said she swore by her silk pillowcase. She said she never woke up with that ‘crumpled’ look and her hair was in much better condition since she’d invested in one
Surely it can’t be that simple?

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FindingMeno Mon 11-Oct-21 17:42:13

It isn't.
I didn't get on with a silk pillowcase at all - I think they're unpleasant to sleep on.

mamamalt Mon 11-Oct-21 17:56:16

For me absolutely! I can't live without mine. I feel awful sleeping on a normal one. I've got curly hair though and that makes a difference as really helps the condition of it.
A satin one does the job too though it doesn't have to be dear.

squishee Mon 11-Oct-21 18:01:53

I tie a big (cheap) satin scarf around my pillow and my bum-length hair is shiny, doesn't get rubbed around during sleep etc...

LemonSwan Mon 11-Oct-21 18:16:27

No idea, but I do like to sleep on it. Its very cool (temp wise).

Mrstwiddle Mon 11-Oct-21 18:18:38

It definitely helps with not waking up with deep crease lines in your face, so I can imagine over time it would help with skin, not sure it makes any difference to my hair though.

Sausagis Mon 11-Oct-21 18:22:01

No idea but I only use silk or satin as I prefer it. Can't stand cotton pillowcases now!


FreshApricot Mon 11-Oct-21 18:30:21

Intrigued by this. How do you wash them, and how is maintenance generally?

NoSauce Mon 11-Oct-21 19:42:15

I love mine, it’s so comfortable to sleep on. I have a couple of them and hand wash them, they dry very quickly.

MapleMay11 Mon 11-Oct-21 20:04:16

A silk pillowcase and silk eye mask makes a huge difference to both skin and hair. I hand wash mine.

Motnight Mon 11-Oct-21 20:10:31

I have fine hair. Using a silk pillow case means that it looks much better in the morning.

Kjr33 Mon 11-Oct-21 21:21:51

I like mine but I’m guessing the lady you spoke to should probably be thanking her genetics more than her silk pillowcase.

ShuddaBeenMe Mon 11-Oct-21 21:22:41

Yes. Absolutely fantastic.

Fallsballs Mon 11-Oct-21 21:52:33

I love mine, I have curly hair and it really helps stop the frizz and I suppose my face doesn’t crease up as much too.
I hand wash mine in silk detergent as they last much longer. Takes a few minutes and line dry.
I even bring one when I go away anywhere !

BeaLola Mon 11-Oct-21 21:53:29

I really like mine - I gave fine hair and it looks less frizzy in morning . It's lovely to sleep on - I have a couple and wash them on a lingerie wash in machine

TwinsandTrifle Mon 11-Oct-21 21:54:17

Mine made my hair greasy confused

halfpasteleven Mon 11-Oct-21 22:07:02

Where is best to purchase one?

NotMyCat Mon 11-Oct-21 23:30:23

I use a satin one from Amazon that was dirt cheap and works fine. Doesn't feel overly slippery either

notwavingbutdrowning5 Tue 12-Oct-21 19:35:36

I got one a few months ago and at first it drove me mad, because my pillow slid all over the bed. Since I washed it (on a Delicates wash, with my undies), it's been fine. It definitely stops creases. I decided I really ought to try one when a pillow crease I woke up with was still there in the evening ...

BrandAlley currently have a good make, down from £108 (I know!) to £39. That's where I got mine.

Bananaman123 Tue 12-Oct-21 20:23:55

Love mine, I use the satin kitsch ones and they keep my head nice and cool. Feel like my skin is clearer as a result as not sweaty 😀

PleasantFucker Tue 12-Oct-21 20:26:43

I love mine! I've been using them for over 10 years they're amazing, so comfy to sleep on. As for the good skin, I'll have to see if it's true or not when I'm 60smile

HermioneWeasley Tue 12-Oct-21 20:27:30

I have one that’s cotton on one side, silk on the other, so it doesn’t slide everywhere and was cheaper!

BuggertheTabloids Tue 12-Oct-21 20:31:42

@HermioneWeasley where did you get that one please?

Coffeey Tue 12-Oct-21 20:33:25

Works great for me. I used to get lines on my face that would take ages to fade, not any more. Got it cheap when debenhams was closing down. I just put it in the wash with everything else though.

adrianmolesmole Tue 12-Oct-21 20:37:08

I have silk and satin ones, I prefer the silk. I put them in the washing machine, on a quick/low wash and they come out fine.

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