Good under eye concealer for shockingly bad dark circles

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airforsharon Fri 08-Oct-21 23:18:39

Can anyone recommend one that is good for dealing with the dark circles i've always had, but are now looking more pronounced post menopause, and won't cake/crease or highlight the fine lines around my eyes? I've noticed my skin tone has changed in the past year or so and the circles are more noticeable than ever and make me look really knackered :/

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NotMyCat Fri 08-Oct-21 23:23:15

I like tarte creaseless (I have dry under eyes and this is fab)
Also no 7 hydroluminous dark circles corrector (it's called something like that!) it's not much coverage but something in the tone of it really helps blank out dark circles
Or use a corrector first before concealer

airforsharon Fri 08-Oct-21 23:27:44

@NotMyCat thanks for those suggestions, i like the idea of a corrector, it might give a smoother finish?
It's infuriating, i've reached a point where i really need to wear makeup, but it's also the point my face is starting to crumple & crease so actually applying makeup is getting trickier!

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Fri 08-Oct-21 23:30:02


mobear Fri 08-Oct-21 23:31:07

I second NARS.

PolarSmile Sat 09-Oct-21 07:05:15

I have the estee lauder double wear concealer. If I forget to put it on my boss says I look tired, so it must be working blush

Yarqueen Sat 09-Oct-21 07:38:47

I use Benefits what used to be called Erase paste, but is now called Bo-ing Brightening Concealer (I think). Its the strongest converage on the market imo which is what I need but occasional creasing can be an issue if its not fully blended.


star8 Sat 09-Oct-21 08:10:58

Too faced concealer is amazing. A huge 15 ml too so double the amount of others. Also dosent crease and very pigmented

BusterGonad Sun 10-Oct-21 21:39:31

Day to day I use Estee lauder double wear, the one with the pink serum at one end, at the moment I'm rocking 2 black eyes due to a bumped nose and I'm using Lancome teint idole foundation topped with Benefit Bo-ing brightening concealer (formally erase paste) applied very thickly. Tbh it's worked very well and layers up a treat.

fiorentina Sun 10-Oct-21 22:25:06

I use a Bobbi Brown under eye colour corrector when they are very bad, it definitely helps.

bert3400 Sun 10-Oct-21 23:22:29

I've been using Trinny of London, thier makeup range is fantastic and the eye concealer is the best I've found

Needthesun Mon 11-Oct-21 17:19:26

I have very dark circles. I use a tiny bit of the Becca illuminating under eye corrector first, then Nars radiant creamy concealer on top. As I’m nearing 40 I find my concealer gets ‘crepey’ if I put too much on, so a combo of these two applied very lightly seems to do the trick

mizu Tue 12-Oct-21 07:15:50

I use a bit of Becca first too, just a bit. Then a bit of Trinny and a bit of Clinique and then blend it all in. Used to only use the Clinique but the Trinny eye concealer is brilliant star

Gwenhwyfar Wed 13-Oct-21 21:03:34

I have very dark circles and nothing works sad
I actually find foundation better than concealer, though I keep trying with the concealer, but nothing hides them very well.
I think my next step is filler...

Lou573 Wed 13-Oct-21 21:05:21

I’m looking for this holy grail too! Unfortunately none of these are cruelty free - does anyone have a cruelty free recommendation?

Santastuckincustoms Wed 13-Oct-21 21:23:17

Dark circles are a classic sign of allergy so it could be you could try excluding some top allergens one at a time and see if it improves

missmoon Wed 13-Oct-21 21:38:38

Nars creamy concealer is brilliant for this.

RonaldMcDonald Thu 14-Oct-21 03:42:59

Best thing for truly dire black raccoon circles is fillers
SIL had then and used ever colour correction, primer, illuminator and product going. Not so bad whe we were in our 20s but now, almost 50 they made her eyes look like crepe.
So her derm suggested fillers and they have honestly disappeared - she can go out without make up

Greytminds Thu 14-Oct-21 03:48:50

I have the Sisley under eye concealer. For me it works well due to the yellow tone. Best one I’ve had. Combined with Murad Vit C under eye corrector, this is the best solution I’ve found.

To be honest though, for me the hollows under my eyes are beyond concealer. Once I’ve finished breastfeeding my current baby, I’m looking into fillers.

AuldAlliance Thu 14-Oct-21 08:04:38

Apparently, they're all the rage:

ItsSunnyOutside Thu 14-Oct-21 12:52:28

Try the brand EX1. They have an absolutely fantastic concealer called 'delete fluide'
It is really pigmented and creamy, goes on a dream. High coverage. I sometimes skip foundation and just use the concealer, it's that good.

Look fantastic and Superdrug sell it.
It's the best concealer I have used.. and I have tried all sorts..Nars, Mac, Tarte etc {Tarte one is good too but EX1 better}

JinglingHellsBells Thu 14-Oct-21 16:47:40

Bobbi Brown Corrector with their concealer on top.

cherrytreecottage Thu 14-Oct-21 16:58:16

Another one here for Tarte creaseless!
Although I highly recommend the Rodial Banana Lowlighter for dark circles; works great under or over foundation.

Westerman Thu 14-Oct-21 17:15:49

I got poor results with the NARS product. I now use a product I saw on here recently, F*ck I'm Flawless by Il Makiage. I didn't mind paying out to try it as, IIRC, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. As it turned out, though, I love it and didn't want to send it back.

Kimonolady Thu 14-Oct-21 19:57:09

I recently bought the Cle de Peau concealer stick, having read so much about it online being the Holy Grail concealer, the only thing to defeat dark under eye circles, completely unique, etc. etc.
It’s £54, which is… absolutely horrendous. I had an out of body experience as I handed over my credit card.
But - and I hate to say it, given the price - it truly does work. Blends really beautifully, covers up my dreadful dark circles inherited from my dad, and just looks so natural and skin-like. A tiny dab is all you need, so that’s how I’m mentally justifying the insane price tag.
The day I bought it, I met up with a friend for dinner in the evening - the very first thing she said to me was ‘You look really good, kind of glowing? I can’t put my finger on it.’ That was it, I was sold!

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