Haven’t been to a wedding in years. No idea what to wear. Please help 🙏

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Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 07:37:52


I’m 38 with a 5 year old son and haven't been to a wedding since I was pregnant with him! I have no idea what my style is as I’ve slowly put on weight over the last 4 years (8 - large 12) and now live in jeans and t shirts.
I’m 5.2, size 12, pale with dark hair.

The wedding is at the end of October, quite small and not overly ‘posh’. With Christmas and both my husband and sons birthday coming up I don’t really want to spend more than £60.

I went into town yesterday but there doesn’t seem to be any shops left! Please could you help? Thanks so much in advance.

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PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 07:40:57

I just went to a wedding that sounds quite similar. I think you want a dress in a reasonably cheerful colour with some layers. I'd say no hat or fascinator unless you love them (i do so still wear one but there were only about 4 at the event). Maybe boots with.

Given the budget and your lovely slim size I'd look at ebay. Just having a look... what's your colouring?

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 07:41:27

Just seen your colouring!

Palavah Sun 03-Oct-21 07:44:04

What colours suit you best?

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 07:44:08

Im looking for designer but this caught my eye...
red River island

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 07:47:48

A bit workwear but might be ok with jewellery
purple Hobbs

Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 07:50:50

Thank you. I tend to wear darker colours - blues, greens, burgundy’s, black - black/grey not appropriate for a wedding though? I’m quite conservative when it come to patterns, flowers etc. I know I’m still slim, but obviously my body has changed since my son and I now feel a bit short and dumpy! (And boring and frumpy 🤦‍♀️) thanks for all the reply’s so far

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Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 07:53:16

I like the river island one. Never considered eBay!

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PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 08:03:39

I don't always go ebay as obviously it's a gamble but it still can be a bit of a bargain at times.

I personally avoid block black, grey and white/cream for weddings, though bright layers over dark can work. It's just - there are a lot of other options for most of us.

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 08:05:46

This shape would suit me as I'm a square apple but maybe you're more female shaped??
Toast floral

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 08:08:53

Very much not me... I saw someone wearing something a bit like this at the wedding I was at, looked lovely
Whistles print

Latte40 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:09:05


A jacket for the day with a chunky neck lace ...

PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 08:12:13

Marni - just about in budget

Quitelikeacatslife Sun 03-Oct-21 08:16:04

For October weddings you absolutely could wear darker colours. Go for a dress you can wear again at Christmas time . There are gorgeous midi dresses with 3/4 sleeves. I'm sure it will all be inside so you could just add a brighter coloured wrap to feel more wedding at the start? eBay is amazing if you want a fascinator (I love them and suit them but some people don't) or ask a friend/family to borrow one?

Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:20:57

Do you think any of these would be suitable? I really have no idea what is ‘acceptable’ anymore!

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Quitelikeacatslife Sun 03-Oct-21 08:21:37

Some bargains to be had on Boden thus weekend



PermanentTemporary Sun 03-Oct-21 08:21:52

I think they all look great! I particularly like the last one, the green.

Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:22:07

Of these? All with heals not boots

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Quitelikeacatslife Sun 03-Oct-21 08:22:10

All of those you showed would be fine, I Love the green one

Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:24:21

Thank you. I like the green one too. It comes in different options…
Thanks so much for your help this morning. Wish I had more confidence when it comes to clothing!

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Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:25:33

I also wish I could try on before ordering!!!

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GemmaRuby Sun 03-Oct-21 08:28:18

Have a look on SilkFred, they have a lot of different brands and styles if you’re not sure what you like.

I’ve just ordered this for a wedding, wearing with white heels. www.silkfred.com/womens/clothing/dresses/midi-dresses/izabel-london/red-ditsy-floral-midi-empire-dress

Dramateacher1 Sun 03-Oct-21 08:29:46

Oh I like that one! No 12 though. Never used/heard of silkfred, going to have a browse now…

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Tellmewhat Sun 03-Oct-21 08:34:12

Any of those would be fine. I recently attended a low-keyish wedding and wore a dress very similar to the green one you found above. I was probably one of the most dressed up there! Several women were in black and floral dresses like the black and pink one too.

Toastfiendish Sun 03-Oct-21 08:34:13

All the ones you've posted would be suitable. I had a relaxedish wedding in winter like you're describing and we had everything from someone in a beautiful long evening dress to trainers and a fleece. Noone batted an eyelid. Most of the women wore smartish coats and dresses of the sort you've posted. Not being able to try things on is a pain - I guess just make sure to order from places with a decent returns policy! The only things people post on here and get told they cannot wear at weddings are white, very short or revealing or just in extremely bad taste. Have a lovely time!

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