Can you help me find chelsea boots like these Me & Em ones that aren't £400?

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Itsnotdeep Thu 30-Sep-21 09:41:32


I like them because they are slightly taller than most chelsea boots and also narrower - I have narrow ankles and feet and most boots look like little wellies on me. But £400 is just too much! Black and leather please.


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Alicesays Thu 30-Sep-21 09:45:12

Monsoon, £80

Alicesays Thu 30-Sep-21 09:46:01


StormyTeacups Thu 30-Sep-21 09:49:00

M&S had some similar

Homerenonovice Thu 30-Sep-21 09:49:07

What about the Dr Martens flora Chelsea boots?

StormyTeacups Thu 30-Sep-21 09:51:47

Peanutbuttermandms Thu 30-Sep-21 09:53:12

I bought these from M and S and they’re lovely. £59
I have been browsing at M&S and found this:


ImperfectTents Thu 30-Sep-21 09:53:26

I love ten points boots v good quality

Talisin Thu 30-Sep-21 09:53:52

These from & Other Stories?

ILoveShula Thu 30-Sep-21 15:47:36

I have Ten Point chelsea boots. The Diana ones. they're nothing like the ones OP wants but they're a classic design and I love them

ImperfectTents Thu 30-Sep-21 15:55:04

The ten points cecilia are a wee bit like the ones in the op. Also I have narrow feet and ankles and their boots fit really well

Itsnotdeep Thu 30-Sep-21 16:18:54

thanks all - there's a few I really like there

I've never heard of Ten Points before!

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ILoveShula Thu 30-Sep-21 16:30:20

They're a bit like Clark's or Ecco. Family firm. Swedish. Ecco are Danish.I love my little Dianas. Hardly wear them becasue I have way too many shoes esp ankle boots but they are sweet

Yogsgirl Thu 30-Sep-21 16:35:01

These Whistles ones are almost identical!

valerianroot Thu 30-Sep-21 16:52:47

Bluntness100 Thu 30-Sep-21 16:54:51

They are practically identical, well done!

Laquila Thu 30-Sep-21 18:29:09

I was about to start a Chelsea boots thread!

I do like those Whistles ones.

I was looking at buying the Dr Marten Leonore but having looked at some of these links I might go for something a bit higher and slimmer round the ankle - it looks a bit more modern I think. Does anyone have the Leonore, and love them? Or the Flora?

ILoveShula Thu 30-Sep-21 18:41:36

I have had the Flora but I needed a half-size which they don't do. I now have the solovair dealer boot. Toast does a similar one link

ILoveShula Thu 30-Sep-21 18:47:10

dealer boots
These are similar to the Floras and the Doras. They do all sizes from 3 to 12, and have a few different colours. I love mine.

Laquila Thu 30-Sep-21 21:10:48

Those are lovely, @Iloveshula. How's the sizing?

MistySkiesAfterRain Thu 30-Sep-21 21:25:06

I saw these and thought the same. Pretty detailing.

Not chelsea but Sezanna have some lovely laceup suede boots that have that feminine edge.

ILoveShula Fri 01-Oct-21 09:46:28

@Laquila, they are fairly wide for women's shoes. I'm normally a size 5 but in Solovair I'm a 4.5. My dealer boots are 4, but maybe the 4.5 would have been better. they're not too tight but I wouldn't wear really thick socks with them but winter tights are ok. My other solovairs are 4.5.

In the Dr Marten Flora, I fitted a 4 slightly snugly n the shop, bought them and tried them in around the house and there was no way I could wear them. I changed them for a 5 and my feet slopped about in them even with insoles. They were beautiful but unwearable. I got the Emmelines instead.

The Emmelines were beautiful and because they lace up they fitted better. Wore them at work but not outside maybe about 10 times and the soles were starting to wear. Given that I have a sedentary job and hadn't worn them outside or for driving, the wear was not what I expected from boots costing something like £145.

I cut my losses, stuck my collection of DMs on ebay and switched to Solovair, the company that used to make DMs back in the 20th century. The solovairs are heavier and the soles sturdier.

The Floras are similar to the Dealer Boots, but a bit more elegant. The Toast Doras are slightly different.
The Emmelines are similar to the Astronaut Boots. Toast have a similar boot jade derby boots. I think Plumo also sell them. YMC and Margaret Howell/MHL sometimes have solovairs.

Toast also have a solovair monkey boot but you can get the monkey boots cheaper from solovair. Toast also sell solovair Monk shoes and DM style shoes, but I think stock is limited.

I have no connection with any of the companies, just a lot of shoes. smile I have other favourite footwear brands too.

Threewheeler1 Fri 01-Oct-21 10:01:44

Panama Jack Florencia boot maybe.They do them in black & brown. Very comfy.

SurreyBunny Fri 01-Oct-21 22:56:32

Itsnotdeep Sat 02-Oct-21 07:07:03

thanks everyone - I really like the Whistles ones I think. I actually already have the Solovair laceup ones and have a pair of blundstones too (so I might be a little bit of a boot obsessive....)!

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