Did anyone get the email re H+B advent calendar?

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NavigatingAdolescence Mon 20-Sep-21 11:01:44

I signed up for emails. Didn’t receive any. Found out today it was released last week and now sold out. 😫

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ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 20-Sep-21 11:04:07

Yeah I got the email and the calender is lovely sorry!

Luvacuppatea Mon 20-Sep-21 11:11:46

@NavigatingAdolescence - I’m sure they kept replenishing stocks periodically last year. Keep your eyes peeled and 🤞

NavigatingAdolescence Mon 20-Sep-21 11:24:54

Hope so! Last year’s was amazing!

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GreatSoprendo Mon 20-Sep-21 22:57:08

Nooo! I signed up for emails too and have been patiently waiting :-(
Hopefully they will.come back in, I got mine much later than this last year

goose1964 Tue 21-Sep-21 01:08:29

I didn't get an e mail but I've already bought myself a Cath Kidston one

Deux Tue 21-Sep-21 01:17:46

I signed up for the waiting list but didn’t get an email.

About 10 days ago I checked their website which showed it as out of stock, then signed up to the email me when it’s back in stock. I got an email about 2 days later to say it was back in stock and it arrived last week.


clopper Tue 21-Sep-21 01:35:25

Yes I did and got the email.

NavigatingAdolescence Fri 24-Sep-21 11:49:26

just checked on the off chance and it’s back in stock. Nabbed one.


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Shuttheblinds Fri 24-Sep-21 13:46:46

It is back in stock now.

Shuttheblinds Fri 24-Sep-21 13:47:51


just checked on the off chance and it’s back in stock. Nabbed one.


Sorry, just saw ypur post saying the same!

I havent had one before, are they good? What has been in previous ones?

NavigatingAdolescence Fri 24-Sep-21 14:06:29

Last year’s was great. Had a mirror, Bb cream, solid shampoo and conditioner, skin care, eco toothbrush and reusable ear bud. If you look around you can get 15% off as well.

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lindyloo57 Fri 24-Sep-21 17:37:02

I've just ordered it, first time for me, everything inside looked great, got a little discount paid £42.50 with free delivery.

Opinion4321 Fri 24-Sep-21 17:41:01

Sorry what is H&B? Feel like I’m missing out : )

NavigatingAdolescence Fri 24-Sep-21 17:54:23

Holland and Barratt

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Steppedonalego Fri 24-Sep-21 17:55:25


just checked on the off chance and it’s back in stock. Nabbed one.


Thank you so much for posting this! I signed up for the e mail and did'nt get sent one either. Just ordered my calendar.

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