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labradorsandgin Fri 13-Aug-21 21:52:44

Hi! Now am returning to the office I would love to treat myself to my first more luxury work bag, having previously only ever bought Monsoon ones etc.

I'm not likely to switch it up much so want something that works with most outfits and that's quite quite classic. Budget of up to maybe £700 or so, but very happy to spend less!

Have always liked the mulberry Alexa and Bayswater- the Alexa was on sale in the colour I wanted on JL and with a voucher I have it took it within budget- but I didn't bite the bullet as not sure if it's practical enough, and also if mulberry is just a bit show offy somehow?

Have also seen the Emily bag by Cambridge satchel company and the loxley and Windsor bags by fairfax and favor, but none seem perfect somehow!

Any other suggestions?

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suziedoozy Wed 18-Aug-21 16:13:41

Should have said they are a little cheaper than others mentioned but I like the fact that they are less of a ‘known brand’ wink

User4748294496 Wed 18-Aug-21 16:36:10

I lucked out with a Small Zipped Bayswater in the sale at John Lewis for less that £700 a year or two ago mine is Oxblood and beautiful. Not flashy and loads of room.

Snoopsnoggysnog Wed 18-Aug-21 23:09:22


When I commuted a hideous distance I carried a Samsonite laptop backpack for practicality & took in a small designer pouch to carry while at work. Lots of women did have Celine, Mulberry’s and LV but the bags all looked absolutely battered within months due to shoving a laptop in it.

I do this as I take the tube. Have a horrrible old backpack for laptop, chargers, shoes blush etc and a tiny Aspinall camera bag which I wear cross body.

I wouldn’t shove my laptop in an expensive bag and then take it on the tube, it would get really battered and grubby within days.

I do need to replace the backpack though.

Winemewhynot Wed 18-Aug-21 23:15:04

To whoever asked LV are still selling the neverfull online but they sell out instantly, took me a couple of weeks checking twice a day but I did get one!

PomRuns Thu 19-Aug-21 06:50:06

Bayswater tote or look at Tory Burch?

jaundicedoutlook Thu 19-Aug-21 07:35:47

Loads of good work bags within budget here:

I’ve got one of their rucksacks which I use for a laptop from time to time - had it about 4 years and it’s still in great condition.


Eesha Thu 19-Aug-21 08:07:39

I'm following though my budget is about 75!

Tuscancat Thu 19-Aug-21 08:20:09

Aspinal have some nice classic bags in your budget OP. If you are after a satchel style theirs has lovely detailing.

Tuscancat Thu 19-Aug-21 08:25:59

I'd buy this one

Tuscancat Thu 19-Aug-21 08:28:50

Sorry completely missed the second page of the thread blush can see this has already been suggested.
Let us know what you buy op!

afghanistanwhatnow Thu 19-Aug-21 08:30:54

Check out Mansur Gabriel they are around your budget and beautiful.

Polene bags too.

Please, please don't but mulberry

afghanistanwhatnow Thu 19-Aug-21 08:31:08

Sorry Mansur Gavriel *

NalPolishRemover Thu 19-Aug-21 09:11:33

I have an Ally Capellino tote which I use for work to lug laptop around . It's super soft & looks fab & I'm v happy with it. On the days I use it I don't bother with any other bag as I've loads of room for wallet/ phone/ makeup/ keys etc in there

I have a question though, some posters say they wouldn't use a nice bag on the tube as if would get wrecked. How? Surely you have the bag in your hand or on your shoulder & if you're sitting it's on your lap? How are bags getting wrecked? I'm just curious as I don't live in London!

Tuscancat Thu 19-Aug-21 11:25:05

Try squishing in the tube at rush hour @NalPolishRemover you won't be sitting down, you're lucky if you can breathe in normal times!

beguilingeyes Thu 19-Aug-21 11:27:36

I recommend a look in TK Maxx, or even on the website. They have an enormous range of bags and I've bought Coach , Radley and Osprey before. Also seen Kate Spade and Michael Kors.

MargosKaftan Thu 19-Aug-21 15:57:27

I commuted for years on the overground and underground at rush hour when you were squeezed it. I can honestly say no handbags were damaged. (Coats were when I made mistakes like sitting down when a seat became available in a cream coat then having stains on it, but bags didn't.)

labradorsandgin Thu 19-Aug-21 17:22:00

Damage on public transport thankfully won't be an issue as I'm lucky enough to have a short walk to work.

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Snoopsnoggysnog Thu 19-Aug-21 17:27:50

I use the tube and I have to put my backpack on the floor - it’s too heavy to hold all the time or have on my lap.

Megjobethamy Thu 19-Aug-21 17:41:33

I have a Longchamps bag and use it every day, it’s so practical and great value

Monsterjam Thu 19-Aug-21 19:14:42

I got a Hill and Friends Tote recently, it’s amazing quality x

CornishBirdie Tue 24-Aug-21 17:38:20

Have a look on HEWI (Hardly Ever Worn It). Excellent selection!

Positivelyrandom Tue 24-Aug-21 20:06:54

I’d go with Coach. Cheaper and less in your face for work, although I do like Mulberry.

Ibelieveinghosts Wed 25-Aug-21 06:50:12


I've just bought this one £8.99 on Ebay - it's gorgeous wink

I love this bag. Used to have a similar one with dogs on it but it cost £25 feel I was ripped off.

MidnightMeltdown Thu 26-Aug-21 01:38:15

I wouldn't buy a Mulberry. They are going the way of Micheal Kors because too many wannabes buy them as status symbols. Also Mulberry bags used to be a lot cheaper. They deliberately hiked the price to make the brand appear more 'exclusive' while simultaneously reducing the quality, so it's not the case that you are even getting what you pay for.

I think that brands such as Aspinal are better quality and less tacky.

Mammyloveswine Thu 26-Aug-21 01:39:30


I've just bought this one £8.99 on Ebay - it's gorgeous wink

Are you a teacher too?

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