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Coniferhedge Thu 12-Aug-21 15:30:49

Can’t see a thread so I thought I’d start one. Yes, it’s unbelievably early, but I noticed Glossybox have already revealed their Advent Calendar contents for this year. Saw this reveal on YouTube this morning:

Have to say it doesn’t wow me, but there’s plenty of time and many more Advent Calendars to come, I’m sure! grin

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Ponks Fri 03-Sep-21 07:58:54

Kiehl’s AC details out , I'm always tempted by this as it has a good range of their products, but it's quite pricey for the small sizes. Would perhaps buy if discounted.

Housewife2010 Fri 03-Sep-21 08:22:46

Just had an email from Feel Unique re a free goody bag with a £120 spend. Their AC is £119. There's a code for VIPs today and on the site tomorrow.

Housewife2010 Fri 03-Sep-21 08:23:24


Housewife2010 Fri 03-Sep-21 08:26:54

I never think that the Feel Unique GWP's are particularly good - definitely not up to (even a disappointing) Liberty, Cult Beauty or Space NK GWP, but if you do like the Feel Unique advent now is a good time when you can get the GWP too.

ashmts Fri 03-Sep-21 08:28:00

Wow, so underwhelmed with Liberty, and I've never had it before. Can't decide if I've just got advent calendar fatigue though. Selfridge's need to hurry up.

What do people think of The White Company's? I feel like if I miss F&M I might get that. It's not anywhere near as good but at least it's £65 cheaper.

Housewife2010 Fri 03-Sep-21 08:29:03 Scroll down for the contents


namechange7865 Fri 03-Sep-21 08:38:56

Ahh I was so excited for Liberty, not had one before but I can't spend over £200 on that. I think I might just go for Lush, I will actually use it all.

Has White Company released details?

Horehound Fri 03-Sep-21 08:43:02

The F and M one does look good imo. It's ££ though. Do they do discount codes? Or free gifts etc further down the line?

Horehound Fri 03-Sep-21 08:47:30

Also how much is the Space NK one usually?

Luvacuppatea Fri 03-Sep-21 08:50:17

@Horehound I’ve never seen any F&M discounts or free gifts

Horehound Fri 03-Sep-21 08:51:12

Ok thanks @Luvacuppatea

ashmts Fri 03-Sep-21 08:58:41

@namechange7865 Yeah, I put the link in my previous post. I haven't seen it officially announced but that site is usually accurate.

@Horehound I've never seen a discount code or GWP for F&M. Tbh it's one of the things making me think twice, as I can get Blue Light discount on Cult Beauty or Space NK which makes them feel better value, even though I think I prefer the F&M contents. I think Space NK was £195 last year.

FreshApricot Fri 03-Sep-21 08:59:19

Oh no I was so set on Liberty, but what a disappointment! Why is there no candle?! Rubbish. And a boring black mascara? And the Ren stuff? Definitely won't be buying now. Sigh.

LizzieMacQueen Fri 03-Sep-21 09:02:52


White co have released their contents. Hope the link works.


That's to beautyadventcalendar

wheresmyshoe Fri 03-Sep-21 09:03:38

I can't get excited about brands like REN, Noble Isle and Bramley in top end advent calendars. I think that this year I'll be weighing up the number of drawers of disappointment very carefully before making a choice. It will be interesting to see if Liberty price jump like F&M.

FreshApricot Fri 03-Sep-21 09:03:45

F&M looks way better. I think I'll go for that one.

PomRuns Fri 03-Sep-21 09:06:50

Also not had John Lewis details yet.

RazorstormUnicorn Fri 03-Sep-21 09:11:45

I have absolutely no idea which one I want?!

I might wait for M&S and just treat myself to a really nice candle as I keep being disappointed with the lack of candle in the others!

And someone mentioned a Jo Malone winter box upthread, I could go for that.... Maybe I should save my money hmm

Horehound Fri 03-Sep-21 09:17:44

John Lewis says sold out online and to check in store stock. So I clicked that bit and it said there's 1 in Nottingham and that's it 🤔

Horehound Fri 03-Sep-21 09:18:48

Oh sorry the blurb was to discover a new routine for 2021 which means that's the 2020 calendar link that's coming up in Google. Apologies

AprilLady Fri 03-Sep-21 09:26:49

I haven’t had Liberty before, so was really hoping it would be good. I can’t decide now. It’s quite an odd selection. Two full eye creams accounting for £150 of the total value. Three lip balms. Two meh make up products. Two high end HA serums. Not to mention the REN, roller ball etc. I actually quite like the idea of a set of 3 perfume samples. But I’m also not fan of Another 13, which as I understand it like Molecule 01: it’s an ISO super perfume which works wonders for some people and does nothing at all for others.

TheDuchessOfMN Fri 03-Sep-21 09:31:53

I don’t know what I was expecting with Liberty but I’m very underwhelmed too. I’ve never had it and really wanted to treat myself to it this year.

ajandjjmum Fri 03-Sep-21 09:34:40

Just looked at the White Company - thought it might be nice for an Aunt who isn't into skincare and make-up. Doesn't look like they're giving much away though!

jay55 Fri 03-Sep-21 09:47:39

I collected my F&M calendar one year and they put it in a gorgeous sturdy bag to carry home.

So far this year I'm not feeling I must get any, space nk is most tempting so far. Next looks good too, and might be worth it to cheer up december.

BakeOffRewatch Fri 03-Sep-21 10:08:07

“Drawers of disappointment” love that phrase!

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