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Coniferhedge Thu 12-Aug-21 15:30:49

Can’t see a thread so I thought I’d start one. Yes, it’s unbelievably early, but I noticed Glossybox have already revealed their Advent Calendar contents for this year. Saw this reveal on YouTube this morning:

Have to say it doesn’t wow me, but there’s plenty of time and many more Advent Calendars to come, I’m sure! grin

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MidnightMeltdown Fri 20-Aug-21 19:42:24


Nothing wrong with a bit of sparkly eyeshadow at Christmas if that's your thing. I just don't wear eyeshadow at all. Sparkly or not, it doesn't really suit me. I have olive toned skin and can't pull off pink makeup either. I like a bronzer (if not sparkly!) and a more red toned lipstick, but not so much the super bright red that keeps getting dished out in various calendars! This is why I'm not so keen on calendars that are make up heavy, although I do like a good mascara.

Coniferhedge Fri 20-Aug-21 19:48:02

It’s a couple of items from the Vitamin C range that I’ve had and really like the, @chloechloe but being 40+ I’m interested in their anti-aging range too. I think I’m definitely going to get that one if it’s similar contents to last year,

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Coniferhedge Fri 20-Aug-21 19:48:21


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PomRuns Fri 20-Aug-21 20:14:24

@Luvacuppatea not yet. I'm trying to hang on for Liberty although I agree with pp, it was a bit samey after a few years. Could I justify both? Probably, as did not need to buy clothes/bags this year (spent most of it in scrubs. - so need to up style). Very excited about M&S. Really missed it last year.
I think I will get Rituals 2D, M&S and possibly both Fortnums and Liberty. This would mean I wouldn't need to buy anything pretty much all of 2022 but also interested in the GWP due soon from Liberty.
Thoughts on Fortnums - I like molecules 05 and 30mls is normally £45 ish, also keen to try the Fortnums perfume, cult creams, think the candle will be lovely, plus the bum bum stuff - I'd buy all that really that would be almost £200? essentially rest of items are free.
The duffs are face vinegar and the room sprays...

Nope no further on !

LastSummerHere Fri 20-Aug-21 20:23:29

I quite want to try the Face Vinegar...seem to be the only one. I love tingly things on my skin that seems to withstand every product going!!

Nanasueathome Fri 20-Aug-21 20:52:11


Does anyone know who is doing autumn GWP and when they are? I want to buy the Venn from last year’s Liberty calendar which is so expensive at least it’ll get me to the level of spend!

Liberty usually to GWP in October
I usually buy stuff I need (Aesop) and then fill my empty calendar with GWP products


Nanasueathome Fri 20-Aug-21 20:55:13

Just seen above, someone said Liberty GWP is september

MidnightMeltdown Fri 20-Aug-21 21:00:26


I quite want to try the Face Vinegar...seem to be the only one. I love tingly things on my skin that seems to withstand every product going!!

I think I got face vinegar in Holland & Barrett last year. Probably a perfectly good product, but it smells just like the regular vinegar you put on your chips! I used it up, but only an night. Wouldn't want to have gone out smelling like a bag of chips!

Luvacuppatea Fri 20-Aug-21 21:03:00

@Nanasueathome - the Liberty GWP has been first week in September for the past three years, so 🤞

OchonAgusOchonOh Fri 20-Aug-21 22:30:32


I would definitely recommend the Lumene AC coniferhedge. I had it last year (after reading about it on MN!) and was really impressed. Like you say, you get a few different creams from each of their ranges which lets you try out lots of skincare lines. Their vitamin C range is great and the mascara was brilliant (up there with my Lancome and Benefit favourites). I’ll definitely be getting it again this year.

I’m also on the lookout for a high end treat. I’ve dabbled with Liberty and F&M over the years. F&M isn’t delivering to the EU this year though (thanks Boris), so it’s out for me. Cult 51 and 3 Labs are both amazing creams though, so I think it’ll be a good pick.

I find Liberty very samey and have had it 3 times so may defect to CB this year. It usually comes out later than the others and gets hyped up - last year I was scared to miss out if it sold out fast so got Liberty instead.

I really shouldn’t be buying any ACs though as I have so many products to use up. In my defence I don’t really buy anything in the year as the ACs usually keep me stocked up.

I’ve also been a massive fan of LF over the years but this year’s offering doesn’t look great.

Decisions decisions.

I really like the look of F&M too. Such a shame. I used AddressPal last year to get my calendar which didn't ship to the EU but that works out very expensive now.

Liberty are delivering to the EU so I'm interested in seeing that. It may end up ridiculously expensive though as it will presumably be over €150 so will be hit with duties as well as VAT. At least they are including them at point of sale so we'll be able to see the price up front.

I really liked the look of CB last year and I'm mid 50's. Mind you, I'm not terribly fussy about skincare. I just want stuff that smells and good. I generally don't want much makeup as I don't wear that much and don't know what to do with the complicated stuff.

I'd like a calendar with a nice, non-black eyeliner or two, maybe a blusher and a non-vampish lipstick. Add in a candle, some hand cream, body cream, body oil, a serum, maybe a hair treatment, a primer, moisturiser, toner and solid soap rather than shower gel (got a lively soap in the debenhams one two years ago). I like the idea of the room sprays too.

OchonAgusOchonOh Fri 20-Aug-21 22:31:14


*@Nanasueathome* - the Liberty GWP has been first week in September for the past three years, so 🤞

Is the calendar out then and can you use the calendar to get the gap?

PomRuns Fri 20-Aug-21 22:47:45

The calendar is out 6 Oct.
you could get a beauty bag as part of your spend - they have 2 at the moment.

OchonAgusOchonOh Fri 20-Aug-21 23:19:39

Thanks @PomRuns. I'll have a look.

OchonAgusOchonOh Fri 20-Aug-21 23:53:35

Just checked out the Liberty May GWP. It's UK purchases only so doesn't look like that will be an option. Back to the advent calendar.

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Sat 21-Aug-21 09:42:36

I'm not sold on any of these calendars yet

Elle looks good but also not sure about the colours

I think CB was good last year - I might even be daring and order one of the more expensive calendars without scrutinising the contents first

Excited to see M&S because that was a bit samey for the two years I got it but it was still very good value. I wonder whether it will be a bit different.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 21-Aug-21 10:47:33

The deluxe BodyShop one is £320 (contents not available to view though) fshock
The prices are creeping up as they try to oudo themselves each year .

Many years ago I bought an Aldi one , I think it was £20 , just skincare , and a lot of repeats , but good for travelling . There were small tubes and glass phials of creams and serums .

When the first M&S one came out it was £25 if you bought £25 worth of homeware/clothing
I haven't bought an M&S but I love the threads on S&B for the reveal .

H&B one was good last year , there were 3-4 accessory type gifts ( mirror , brush, eyemask, re-useable cotton bud ) some hefty full sizes too .

LizzieMacQueen Sat 21-Aug-21 11:24:15

Space NK contents have been released. £199. Worth £740.

Can't recall if it's mentioned up thread but there's a waitlist if you want early access.

PomRuns Sat 21-Aug-21 12:35:45

Yes I hope m and s remains affordable.
I just remembered I find like the Santal perfume which tends to be in Liberty. I know lots of people do like it- I’ve tried several and not keen on any. I think I am veering towards Fortnums. Rituals looks fab.
I don’t wear much make up but like @AprilLady love a sparkly eyeshadow and there was a lovely hourglass one in Liberty last year.
Honestly this is worse than picking a nail polish colour.

AprilLady Sat 21-Aug-21 12:48:31

@PomRuns, I’m also not a Santal 33 fan; I don’t like strong leather notes in perfumes. I have really enjoyed the Frederic Malle perfumes included in their previous September GWPs, so a big plus for me would be a Frederic Malle perfume in the Liberty calendar.

PomRuns Sat 21-Aug-21 12:58:12

Yes I really liked portrait of a lady.
It’s a difficult decision 😀

PomRuns Sat 21-Aug-21 13:01:55

Body shop £320 - that’s astonishing.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 21-Aug-21 13:11:51

The full line-up of this advent calendar is yet to be released but be sure to expect plenty of full-sized and deluxe minis.

How much does The Body Shop’s Share Love, Joy & Kindness Advent Calendar cost?

£320 (worth £495

This was from a link on another post , they have 4 this year . I can't see them having a load of the "Share Love,Joy and Kindness" in stock . Likely a limited pre-order ?

Blossomtoes Sat 21-Aug-21 13:13:36


Body shop £320 - that’s astonishing.

Crazy, isn’t it? I can’t imagine they’ll sell many.

MorrisZapp Sat 21-Aug-21 13:14:36

Body Shop need to put the crack pipe down. Presumably they come up with laughable numbers like this so they can then heavily discount but even still. Imagine what 320 quid would get you in any beauty hall, especially with samples and bonuses. Anita Roddick must be square dancing in her grave god bless her.

Laaaaa Sat 21-Aug-21 13:15:14

What's up with Avant. I got the stuff In cohorted box snd loved it. Can't believe Elle is still around!

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