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Coniferhedge Thu 12-Aug-21 15:30:49

Can’t see a thread so I thought I’d start one. Yes, it’s unbelievably early, but I noticed Glossybox have already revealed their Advent Calendar contents for this year. Saw this reveal on YouTube this morning:

Have to say it doesn’t wow me, but there’s plenty of time and many more Advent Calendars to come, I’m sure! grin

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OchonAgusOchonOh Thu 26-Aug-21 10:43:57


Any advents for a 13yr boy? Too old for toys but doesn’t want to be left out x

Here you go

Luvacuppatea Thu 26-Aug-21 10:59:19

Good to know that I’m not the only one not enjoying the advent anticipation so much this year, though I am mildly excited to see what Liberty has to offer. (Hoping for a reveal soon - maybe after the current GWP has finished?). @MidnightMeltdown - I too have a huge stash of products and really no need for any more, which as you say, could be dulling the excitement a bit. I keep forgetting about M&S! That might be worth a look. So for me this year it’s going to be Fortnums, possibly Liberty or Fenwick, +/- m&s. That’s final 😂

PomRuns Thu 26-Aug-21 11:16:02

I’ve not seen anything very exciting yet, I’ve been using up all my stash on anticipation too. Disappointed with Liberty GWP, hopefully the Feb one will be better.
So I think I’m heading for: rituals, m and s and either fortnums or Liberty (maybe both 😳).

IToldYouIWasFreaky Thu 26-Aug-21 11:20:29


Any advents for a 13yr boy? Too old for toys but doesn’t want to be left out x

I'm thinking getting one of these Perfume Society Men's boxes for my 14 year old and refilling one of my old advent calendars. I can fill up the other days with mini deodorant, soaps etc, or just chocolates and sweets.

If he rejects that idea, then I'll offer him the Joe & Sephs popcorn one or Naked Marshmallow. Or a big Lindt one which is what he's had the past few years...I feel a bit guilty getting myself a lovely beauty one and not going a bit overboard on his too!

PomRuns Thu 26-Aug-21 11:21:52

Details of soap and glory now available. It’s £42

Carlrhiannon Thu 26-Aug-21 11:23:37

So so sorry I’ve read every page and it still hasn’t clicked this was beauty 🥴🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️!! Thanks for the ideas tho 🤣🤣


PomRuns Thu 26-Aug-21 11:24:31

Link - also details on a Macmillan calendar which at quick glance looks interesting.

PomRuns Thu 26-Aug-21 11:25:21

@Carlrhiannon interesting to hear about other calendars 😃

Peridot1 Thu 26-Aug-21 11:34:27

Really enjoying this thread as love a beauty advent calendar normally. But like some of you am not feeling it this year. I had the CB one last year and did really love it but I still have some of it and I went mad on other skincare stuff including a few of Caroline Hirons’ kits so I really really don’t need one this year.

Still enjoying reading this thread though! And I’m sure I’ll be feeling huge FOMO if I don’t buy one. Maybe I’ll get a gin one for DH and I to share.

Isn’t it amazing how they have become such a huge industry over the last few years though? I remember noticing the M&S one for the first time. Was buying a jacket and a black tie for DS to wear to my Mum’s funeral and and the sales assistant asked if I wanted one. Initially I said no as obv wasn’t really in the mood of anything much but then realised my Mum would have LOVED beauty advent calendars so I got one. Thought of her every day I opened a drawer. She loved skin care and make up and I blame her for my obsession.

DorotheaDiamond Thu 26-Aug-21 13:27:29

Does anyone want a couple of bottles of nuxe oil (one clear one shimmery)? I’m not going to use them ever…happy to send to someone!

DorotheaDiamond Thu 26-Aug-21 13:28:16

Sorry for derail btw!

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Thu 26-Aug-21 16:13:13

I also feel like I'm not overly excited about any of the calendars. I enjoy seeing what's in them and the chats but I haven't seen one yet that I have to have, but CB is my fave so far. I think it's because of having advent calendars and beauty boxes over the years I feel like nothing is new and I always have a stash of make up and skincare I haven't opened yet.

I think I might get M&S as it's a good price and it is nice to have something to open every day!

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Thu 26-Aug-21 16:14:02

Also I've been working from home for a year and now on may leave so I just don't wear as much make up and don't feel like I have a lot of time to pamper myself with masks and stuff.

I think I will look out for a good Elemis deal though.

LarsErickssong Thu 26-Aug-21 16:32:19

I only got a calendar for the first time last year on a bit of a whim as I didn't know what I wanted for my birthday. Never really been into skin care but trying all the different products has made me obsessed! So I'm really excited to be able to research and choose on properly this year knowing more of what I do/don't like.

LastSummerHere Thu 26-Aug-21 16:42:44

Thats so kind of you Dorothea...I'm coming down with Nuxe Oil otherwise I would, as it is a product I really like. I always feel very Parisian Chic when I use it.😃 I even bought a porcelain bowl to put them in beside the bath.

I'm passing on the Liberty GWP too. Nothing in it screams WOW although I do like the pattern on the wash bag!

Sodoi Thu 26-Aug-21 16:46:08

I would like the Spacenk advent products in the Cult Beauty advent box.! That would be perfect.

LastSummerHere Thu 26-Aug-21 16:46:52

Maybe I’ll get a gin one for DH and I to share.

That's a cool idea! As I usually get two I might branch away from two beauty/candles and buy a boozy one.

Franticbutterfly Thu 26-Aug-21 18:00:40

I've been getting the Liberty or the net a Porter one for the last few years...I can't wait until they release details if what's in them!!

Gomalo Thu 26-Aug-21 18:48:21

I wonder if it’s due to spending this time in lockdown last year. We were all forced to look for the little things to cheer us up and get us through so this time round those little things are a little underwhelming. I certainly felt like that about my birthday this year, like I’d exhausted birthday celebrations last year and couldn’t be bothered this year.

I’m very excited to try calendars this year and enjoy how obsessive some of you are, it makes me feel normal grin

Giftwithpurchase Thu 26-Aug-21 18:50:03

Funny about the Vital glow serum @AprilLady .. imagine if you accidentally dropped it! Maybe I should start cold pressing carrots in my kitchen ...

I'm disappointed with the CB calendar - I cannot believe it has quite so many repeat products and Nars Laguna AGAIN ..
The candle is good tho..& the VB lipstick

BakeOffRewatch Thu 26-Aug-21 19:04:54


Does anyone want a couple of bottles of nuxe oil (one clear one shimmery)? I’m not going to use them ever…happy to send to someone!

Oh I would love them please @DorotheaDiamond if still available ?

Lurking on the advent calendar threads, I don’t have much to offer though!

LastSummerHere Thu 26-Aug-21 20:12:09


I've been getting the Liberty or the net a Porter one for the last few years...I can't wait until they release details if what's in them!!

I had the 2019 Net A Porter and it was unreal...every door had a product that cost ££££ and I hadn't heard of! That's the dream.

Last year it looked kind of shit and I was sooooo disappointed. I hope this year they will reach the giddy heights once more!

Babysharkdoodoodood Thu 26-Aug-21 23:20:21

I'm not feeling it this year either.

But I did just order the Lakrids liquorice onegrin

Hopefully Nespresso will do one again. Love my mug ❤️

Maybe M & S if it's any good, but more likely the Rituals one as that was soo good last year.

FredaFox Fri 27-Aug-21 06:06:25

I bought my mum the lacrids liquorice last year as she had beauty calendar fatigue, she liked it
Not sure what to get her this year. She doesn't wear make up. Got her loccitane in the past and M&S, we traded bits

I was tempted with rituals last year so that's an option
Wonder what Fenwick will be like this year

I'm laughing as I've never had nars Laguna so I've missed out 😂 do like and use nars orgasm though. I got it in a nars Christmas cracker

Hope there are good crackers this year. Last year we had nars and Clarins

AprilLady Fri 27-Aug-21 06:23:49

I’ve never had CB before, and it’s the only one I’m actively excited about so far. I wear make-up (including eye make up) every day, and I think the good make up products plus the candle are selling points for me. Hope I’ll actually manage to get hold of one though.

Really re has details of the Jo Malone calendar. I’d actually be really tempted by this if it wasn’t so expensive and such poor value for money. Using the Cosmetopia approach, it’s “worth” only £52 as it has only one full size item, but costs £325.

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