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BadgerFace Sat 31-Jul-21 17:55:45

We’ve moved to hot desking and are having to carry laptops to and from work now. The Dell rucksack I have been given is a) hideous and b) designed for a 20 inch gaming laptop when mine is about 11 inches so is massive. I like to travel as light as possible but also appreciate I probably need something supportive to save on back pain…

Any suggestions?

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pourmeanotherglass Sat 31-Jul-21 18:00:10

Following as Ive also been given an oversized Dell rucksack, and would like something that fits my 14 inch laptop a bit better.

Tinkletwat Sat 31-Jul-21 18:03:03

Stylish yet functional backpack

There a recent thread on this. I'm happy with my Knomo and Sandkvist.

Twinkie01 Sat 31-Jul-21 18:05:54

DS has a lovely Lululemon backpack that he uses for school which holds his laptop. It was quite expensive but he's had it a few years and still lols like mew.

Loubiemoo Sat 31-Jul-21 18:06:04

I love my knomo one. Got it from TKMaxx.

Tickledtrout Sat 31-Jul-21 18:08:51
I got one of these in tk maxx

BadgerFace Sat 31-Jul-21 19:33:22

Thanks all, will look at these!

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greyinganddecaying Sat 31-Jul-21 22:25:30

I couldn't get on with knomo. I always come back to the Mia tui sydney backpack

chalkyc2 Sun 01-Aug-21 08:05:01

Check out the Ally Capellini Hoy rucksacks - the mini size is good. I have several...but if an addiction!

chalkyc2 Sun 01-Aug-21 08:05:41

* ally capellino 😬

newnortherner111 Sun 01-Aug-21 16:33:50

I understood Fjallraven were very good at helping to avoid back pain, is it worth looking at what they do?

SausageRoll2020 Sun 01-Aug-21 17:07:24

I recently gave in and realised I needed a backpack. I got the Siena from Nordace. I'm actually pleased with it, it looks much nicer than a lot of laptop backpacks and I've even had multiple compliments on it.

Loubiemoo Mon 02-Aug-21 08:31:47


I understood Fjallraven were very good at helping to avoid back pain, is it worth looking at what they do?

They sit very nicely on your back, but I think mine is too casual looking for work. I tend to use it on holiday or day trips.

User4748294496 Mon 02-Aug-21 09:18:32

Eastpak Casyl looks like a good bet. I have one from Accessorize which smarter but heavier and is a few years old and one from Cath Kidston (which is no everyone’s cup of tea) which is lighter but more casual

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