Please can you help me with a Zara perfume dupe

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isthismylifenow Thu 22-Jul-21 20:36:34

I bought two Zara perfumes today in the sale. They are both from the Boost my Feelings range.

One of them is Surfing Feelings No 04 and it is bugging me as to which perfume this is a dupe for. I know the smell, but I just can't place what it is. It's silly how much it's bugging me blush

The other is Cheerful Attitude No 06, it is also familiar, but I recognise the scent as much as the other.

Anyone know?

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isthismylifenow Thu 22-Jul-21 20:38:26

That should say *don't recognize the scent as much as the other

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EllaSingsCole Thu 22-Jul-21 20:46:50

Surfing Feelings is supposed to be a dupe for D&G L’Imperatrice.

Cheerful Attitude is similar to Ariana Grande Cloud or MFK BR540. Zara has released this fragrance under a few different names over the past year or two.

isthismylifenow Sun 25-Jul-21 12:31:14

Thanks Ellasings. I don't know the D&G one, so I'm thinking it's a different dupe that I'm thinking of.

I've been wearing Cheerful Attitude and think I prefer it. It's long lasting and smells completely different on me than it does on my dd.

On my list next is Applejuice. Kicking myself a bit now as I picked it up in the store as it was reduced. Then I put it down as there are no testers. t's not reduced online though. And we have one Zara shop which is quite far from me. Perfume goals 😊

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thinnerlikeachickendinner Sun 25-Jul-21 12:36:44

Can anyone recommend a nice Zara citrus one? Not the jo Malone ones, I have them.

Rina66 Sun 25-Jul-21 19:13:17

M & S had some lovely perfumes today, some their own and some more expensive brand names. There was orange, grapefruit, olive, fig, coconut, vetviver, water Lily, Neroli, Bergamot - I was really impressed with their beauty and hair range too.

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