Skincare products you couldn’t do without? And ones you hate

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nearlywed21 Thu 22-Jul-21 18:23:36

I’ll start: nip & fab daily exfoliating pads (glycolic acid). Possibly the first product I have used that I actually notice makes a difference.

Niacinamide (from the ordinary) makes skin bumpy/pimply, not a fan.

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ArabeI Fri 23-Jul-21 11:54:45

A super cheap cream I always buy is the multi use Cerave moisturising cream, for dry to very dry skin. I also always have a pot of rose apothecary lip salve, also cheap, though apparently the formula has changed slightly.
Also Roche Posay Hyalu B5 serum, which I like very much. Though I've bought some of the ordinary Hyaluronic B5 serum to compare, and that seems fine so far for only a sixth of the price of the RP.

Most recently disliked - Clinique moisture surge overnight mask for lips. Just feels like a thin moisturiser, no difference made at all.

ArabeI Fri 23-Jul-21 11:57:04

Another lip product I don't think I'd buy again, and I've hardly used any at all, is a By Terry rose lip balm. It does smell nice, however.

Hopeislost Fri 23-Jul-21 12:03:59

Couldn't do without hot cloth cleansers - I love all the Aldi ones and both Superdrug ones. The Emma Hardie balm is lovely too but £££!

I hate acid toners - my skin reacts to them - I've tried glycolic, lactic, salicylic etc but my skin is just too sensitive.

ChrissyPlummer Fri 23-Jul-21 12:11:57

Hated the LRP acne-clearing set; my spots were never as bad.

I love my Aldi pineapple face serum.

beguilingeyes Fri 23-Jul-21 12:50:14

I got a sample of the Bioeffect Serum in a beauty box and it was like a magic potion on my skin.

Conversely, while I love a balm cleanse, I don't like the Emma Hardie.

TeaAddict235 Fri 23-Jul-21 21:53:02

Love: weleda cold cream (pinkish tube), or Weleda Calendula cream (Orange one for babies)

Hate: Diadermine with Marula oil. Vomit worthy crap


JMAngel1 Sat 24-Jul-21 06:45:12

Tell me about the bioeffect serum? Did it help to lift?

I love Aldi Msrine collagen hot cloth cleanser and Caviar night cream.
Cannot be without Hado Labo Premium Gold.

I hate any natural oil or wax based products - they wierdly dry me out and cause a rash.

beguilingeyes Sat 24-Jul-21 07:40:45

I'm not sure about lifting, it just made my skin feel incredible, as though it was newly minted. I should treat myself to some. Every time I get on a BA plane (ha!) I'm get one on duty free but haven't succumbed yet.

JMAngel1 Sat 24-Jul-21 07:50:22

Thanks - it is £££££ thus is the problem with beauty boxes, they get us hooked on expensive products grin

ChloeDecker Sat 24-Jul-21 08:02:14

Couldn’t be without: one for Psoriasis suffers here is Ren’s ‘AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum’. The lactic acid eats away at the white flakey plaques leaving softer bumps and sometimes removing small ones completely, without the stinging you get from the normal prescribed topical treatments.

Hate: any tinted SPF or moisturiser- brings me out in spots every time.

TableNiner Sat 24-Jul-21 10:08:36

I have a few favourites, Alpha H balancing cleanser and the new Cerave serum are up there. Both really effective, simple, fragrance free products. I also like LRP’s cicaplast products.

I dislike anything with fragrance as I don’t like most artificial fragrances and they also irritate skin unnecessarily (if it’s sensitive/reactive/spotty in any way).

Karwomannghia Sat 24-Jul-21 10:13:15

I really like temple spa stuff - the smell, the way it feels going on and how it leaves my skin feeling.
Love bodyshop drops of youth serum and oils of life cleanser.
Really don’t like any type of oil eg I tried a few products from the ordinary abs gave up on them because the oil sat on my skin and felt horrible. Had the same with simple glow oil.
Loved the feel of give me cosmetics oily make up remover though, but i had a reaction to it.

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