Best waterproof mascara

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Bexessex Thu 22-Jul-21 18:07:18

Ok so due to my ridiculously hooded eyes in this heat , I need to swap to a waterproof mascara. I normally prefer higher end mascara, but wondering if anyone can recommend a really good waterproof that actually does what it claims to do ?

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Bexessex Thu 22-Jul-21 18:09:36

Meant to add can anyone recommend a high street waterproof mascara !

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ArabeI Thu 22-Jul-21 18:12:03

Eyeko Yoga Waterproof mascara. I've worn it to exercise classes (I don't always bother wearing mascara) and it's great; no smudging, etc.

Deathraystare Sat 24-Jul-21 10:35:28

Boots no7 do a few as does Max Factor. I wear waterproof all the time as my eyes often water. Oh and try waterproof lash princess by Wilco!

crimsonlake Sat 24-Jul-21 10:55:20

Honestly what works well for one person, does not for another I find. I too have hooded eyes and despite not wearing any mascara on lower lashes I actually get a lot of smudge under eye also despite the fact I apply very little mascara at all.
Lash princess the non waterproof one is great for lengthening, but smudged massively on me. I tried the waterproof version and it is like using a completely different mascara and yes it still smudged.

Teaseall Sat 24-Jul-21 12:07:35

Boots No7 has my vote as the best waterproof mascara for me. I've tried loads over the years and this is the best for staying power, doesn't make my stupidly sensitive eyes water and yet is easy to take off with the boots cheapie unperfumed eye make remover .... I don't work for boots by the way grin

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