Loose skin

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Chillychili Sat 24-Jul-21 23:05:38

Thanks everyone smile think I was also having a hormonal wobble, you always hear people say 9months in 9 months off, I am sat here 10 months after looking like a saggy wobbly jelly. Stepping away from social media and having baby cuddles. Which is much better anyway. Will also work on strengthening the Abs

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ILoveShula Fri 23-Jul-21 08:01:58

It depends on your age. Give it time.

You could strengthen your abs . It will make you stronger and help your posture.

MoltonSilver Fri 23-Jul-21 00:03:26

I think it was about 18 months for me.

Chillychili Thu 22-Jul-21 22:56:09

Thanks smile can you remember how long (I also have a 9 year old) I don’t know if my stomach is worse than with him, how much it improved, and if I need to just really focus on the weight loss. Hoping it maybe the extra weight. I am short so half a stone looks a lot

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Boogiewoody Thu 22-Jul-21 17:17:54

It does get better (a bit) as time goes by but I've found it never really went away.

It's the sort of thing you forget about after a couple of years, just after I had my first baby I was annoyed by it but she's 9 now and I don't even think about it now

Chillychili Thu 22-Jul-21 17:14:06

After this heat wave I am very tearful about the loose skin on my stomach, I am 10 months postpartum. I still have about 6 lbs to lose before getting to my pre baby weight. But the skin is terrible it’s almost like cellulite all over my stomach, with a small flap of skin that falls over my knickers, the stretch marks I can live with, but is there anything I can do (apart from surgery)

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