Where to bug lightweight shorts that don't ride up?

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Shufflebumnessie Thu 22-Jul-21 13:17:40

Can anyone suggest where to buy lightweight shorts (definitely not denim) that won't ride up whilst I'm walking?

I bought a couple of loose pairs (culotte style) thinking they might be the answer but they're definitely not! I'm having to pull them down from my crotch area every few steps!
I'm a size 12 with large thighs (which I'm assuming are the problem wink).

Suggestions for comfortable and lightweight pairs please.

Thanks in advance.

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Shufflebumnessie Thu 22-Jul-21 13:18:35

*buy, not bug!

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Slimmingstar Thu 22-Jul-21 13:20:53

If your thighs are rubbing then a skirt may be a better option.

tiredanddangerous Thu 22-Jul-21 13:24:19

I don't think such a thing exists unfortunately. I'm large of thigh and have never found a solution. I can wear denim shorts but anything lightweight is impossible.

jomandterry Thu 22-Jul-21 13:28:32

following with extreme interest for a solution to the elusive shorts that don't ride up, or look like a pair of knickers as soon as I sit down. Or look frumpy.

I am not sure they exist, tbh

JaneJeffer Thu 22-Jul-21 13:44:15

I got a pair from Kley. They're perfect. I bought them in the Debenhams sale last year though so don't know if they have any now.

poorbuthappy Thu 22-Jul-21 13:46:57

I've got 2 pairs of chino shorts from Asda.
they are quite short grin but excellent value for money.


NotMyCat Thu 22-Jul-21 14:02:42

These are ok on me and I'm a plus size 16

Shufflebumnessie Fri 23-Jul-21 10:32:02

Thanks for the suggestions.
@NotMyCat thanks. I've ordered a couple of pairs to try.

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MaryLennoxsScowl Fri 23-Jul-21 10:36:10

Try that glide stuff for runners that prevents chafing - might make your legs slippery enough to stop eating the shorts? I have this issue too and am going to give it a go.

Shufflebumnessie Sun 25-Jul-21 22:14:49

@MaryLennoxsScowl thanks for the suggestion. Never heard of that but sounds useful.

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