Have Soap and Glory discontinued their Kickass Concealer

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JohnSteinbeck Thu 22-Jul-21 09:26:40

Or can someone help, please?
I’ve used Soap and Glory Kickass Concealer for a few years. It's a lovely little pot of 2 shades of concealer for blending, one for undereye and one for blemishes, with a powder for dabbing to set on top.

Went to buy a replacement online & I can’t find it! Does anyone else use it? If so, what is as good?

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lindyloo57 Thu 22-Jul-21 16:22:39

I have that one but can't get on with it, its the same with every concealer I have tried, it doesn't matter how little I apply they all go cakey and dry looking, yes I do use a eyecream morning and night.

JohnSteinbeck Thu 22-Jul-21 21:26:43

I get that problem, but oddly not with this one. I don’t use the eye bit though, just tge concealer. But I can’t find a replacement 😭

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