I never know what to wear. Please help.

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biggirlknickers Wed 21-Jul-21 22:33:51

I have totally lost my way.

I’m 47, tall and size 18/20 pear shape. 16 on top. Sticking out tummy and wide hips. Neatish high waist. 36E bust.

I wear glasses and I’m going a bit grey. I’ve stopped dyeing my hair because being a brunette stopped suiting me once my skin started ageing. My hair is medium to light brown. Skin is pale.

My wardrobe consists of black trousers, jeans and one or two dresses in black or grey. My tops are plain white, navy or black in a variety of long sleeve, short sleeve, some fitted and some loose. Very little in terms of pattern.

My footwear is massively limited due to foot pain. Mainly I wear Allbirds but they are £££ so I don’t have many - I live in a black pair and a grey pair plus an off white pair of trainers.

I feel so lost. I want to be more stylish. I think I let my weight hold me back, but I see other women my size looking amazing in lovely clothes and I wonder why I’m hiding in all these boring clothes. And that’s the thing really - my clothes are so boring.

I love looks that are a bit boho / alternative (I was a teen goth 🙄) but I have nothing like that in my wardrobe. I have zero confidence in myself and I think I’ve just tried to blend into the background too much.

Please help!

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Stonecrop Wed 21-Jul-21 23:09:01

Maybe try stitch fix of lookiero or get an appointment at John Lewis. ?

Maireas Thu 22-Jul-21 11:40:18

Height and size are no barriers to style. You don't mention a budget or any limitations with work etc, so start to look online then hit the shops. Yours Clothing is budget, try Woolovers and Curvissa. They seem to have clothes that are stylish and flattering, although that is subjective.
Do you want to stick to your current colour palette? Do you prefer trousers?

Maireas Thu 22-Jul-21 11:41:25

Emphasize your neat waist, so avoid the ubiquitous floral tent dresses, unless you can wear a belt.

Procrastatron Thu 22-Jul-21 15:46:57

Oh no @Maireas I came back to recommend a ubiquitous floral tent dress! But I’m my defence it’s mainly for the colour.
OP i also used to dress exclusively in black and grey and gave that up initially subconsciously and then consciously about 3 years ago. I was a little alternative albeit indie kid in my youth and I’m quite enjoying the 90s stuff out at the moment.
I started my transition with bright knitwear from some lesser know brands at JL and Zara and more recently have introduced things like coloured dungarees. BUT I never go all out alternative and will match these things with simple tops or bottoms.
I shop in JL, Zara, Uniqlo, Lucy and Yak, Hush and occasionally venture into Urban Outfitters and scare the youth.
Re hair would highlights give you a lift and blend the grey?

Maireas Thu 22-Jul-21 15:51:02

@Procrastraton - nothing wrong with a floral dress! It would certainly add colour and cheer up her wardrobe. I was just thinking in terms of shape, it may not be a flattering style.

biggirlknickers Fri 23-Jul-21 18:15:00

Thank you, this is also helpful. I might give Lookeiro a whirl, and will try the shops mentioned. I do have a limited budget but can usually afford one or two things every month at the cheaperish end - I buy quite a bit of M&S.

I do fancy a floral dress but most floral prints make me want to run for the hills!

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