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LunaNorth Tue 20-Jul-21 22:07:38

I need some new everyday knickers and bras, and I’m stuck for where to look.

I’ve been underwhelmed with the last few times I’ve bought bras from M&S - I don’t find them comfortable, really.

I tried Stripe and Stare for knickers, and they were really comfy and funky designs, but the lace went grey very quickly.

Where do you go for nice everyday stuff? Neutral bras and pretty pants, rather than sexy lingerie?

All recommendations welcome!

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xsquared Tue 20-Jul-21 22:18:26

The last everyday bra I bought was Cleo Juna in size 28D, which has lasted me well.

I no longer buy cotton knickers from M&S as the quality seem to have worsened and the cotton is thin. My favourite cotton knickers are from Fatface.

Danikm151 Tue 20-Jul-21 22:47:02

Midi knickers from Asda are winners for me. Same with bras. 😁

JaceLancs Tue 20-Jul-21 23:00:06

I’m very boring and stick to nude black and white so easy to match
I’m currently a 36g size 12-14 so bravissimo are good but I’ve also found gems recently in Asda, Sainsbury’s and M n S, once I found a good fit I stalk them on eBay

HundredMilesAnHour Tue 20-Jul-21 23:09:08

I buy all my bras (apart from sports bras) from either Simone Perele or Marie Jo, both everyday bras and 'playing out' bras.

Knickers are harder. For everyday/gym, I buy cotton ones from Sainsburys. I use to buy Cosabella but as I get older, I like more coverage and less see-through sheer.

StarlightLady Wed 21-Jul-21 05:51:17

John Lewis for Panache bras. I like them because there is a large colour choice. I don’t do white or beige though, it reminds me of school.

I buy 2 pairs of matching knix with each bra and supplement those with M&S Brazilians because the cut suits my figure and they have stretch.

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 21-Jul-21 05:56:51

I quite H&M for nice but affordable undies although I need to go up a band size on bras from there


LunaNorth Wed 21-Jul-21 07:19:29

Sorry - I started my thread and then fell asleep! I’ll go back and read the recommendations now!

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happystory Wed 21-Jul-21 07:35:42

Sainsbury's. I've been a loyal M and S fan for years but the quality is not worth the price these days. Got lovely bras from Tu at £10 each meaning you can get a few different ones.

Greybutterfly Wed 21-Jul-21 07:41:03

Have a look at next

gogohm Wed 21-Jul-21 07:42:36

Asda or Sainsbury's I tend to use for basics

RosesAndHellebores Wed 21-Jul-21 07:49:53

Reading with interest as I found an M&S bra that fit and have bought it for several years now but it has had a revamp and everything about it is poorer quality. I wish M&S would put their matching bras and knickers together on the hangers.

I guess it's back to Triumph but I like matching knickers and the branded makes price them so highly.

Re Tu and M&S knickers. I bought some Tu ones a couple of years ago and although they were soft and lovely and cheaper than M&S they did not last beyond 18 months to two years. (I have at least 30 pairs so hardly worn once a week).

Divebar2021 Wed 21-Jul-21 08:08:59

I’m a 36F and have been loyal to Bravissimo for a long time but have recently been driven nuts by their own brand only stocking Brazilian cut knickers and not including a full brief. I’m hour glass with an ample butt and Brazilian cut is not a good look on me. I tend to go for non padded styles from brands like Freya and Panache. I like very minimalist styles currently in fashion from places like Organic Basics but they’re not supportive enough for me. I have bought Glossies from Gossard which I’ve liked although not super comfortable they’re great when you need a smooth line while still being a bit sexy. During lockdown I went on a hunt for non-wired that led me to the Freedom bra ( I think it’s called) that’s very comfortable. I actually think M&S have improved their offerings for larger busts but I’m poised to be disappointed because they’ve always disappointed me in the past ( they have a tendency to make their cups very very full and unflattering). Two of my best buys recently have been from the supermarkets- one was from Asda which I don’t normally shop at and it was such a great shape on me. I don’t find Sainsbury’s to be quite as stylish but I bought a sports bra from there which has been fantastic.

Shurl Wed 21-Jul-21 08:20:14

Sainsburys knickers seem to be terrible quality. I bought two multipacks three months ago. Two pairs had holes where the binding hadn't been stitched on properly. Since then three more pairs have developed holes along the waist elastic.

I've actually just splashed out on some on sale Calvin klein briefs which had better last ages!

Bras are always bravissimo (usually freya or panache brand) or brand alley in the brands/styled that I know fit well.

SummaLuvin Wed 21-Jul-21 09:29:30

I love Victoria Secret pants, they are so soft and comfy. My favourite style are the lace edged "cheeky", they sit really nicely and are not visible under clothes (unless something super tight and thin then only seamless thong will do) they don't dig in anywhere, or do that awful thing of slicing my bum cheeks in half. Sadly I think some of their shops are closing. Don't hugely rate their bras, and they don't have a great size range considering they are an underwear specialist, smallest back size is 32"!

I normally go bra free and wear silicone nipple covers. If I do I really like the Rosie for M&S or Boux Avenue Lounge bra which I have found is the best for looking invisible under clothes.

SquashMinusIsShit Wed 21-Jul-21 09:38:24

I love Victoria's secret hip huggers pants, they are cotton & a decent size so comfy but not frumpy, there's some cool.designs/patterns.

I wear crop top type bras from Primark, after nearly 18 months of WFH I'll never wear underwired bras again (only did for the office) grin

Boood Wed 21-Jul-21 09:41:14

All my bras are Calvin Klein- really comfortable, flattering shape and completely invisible under clothes. They’re quite expensive though, and don’t last very well- I’ve just had to replace all mine after a couple of years.

ILoveShula Wed 21-Jul-21 10:03:58

Not shopped in Asda for years but George used to be great.
Tesco are good for a range of sizes and nice colours but they won't last very long.

The primark knickers do not last beyond a few wears.

I've found great bras in charity shops. Where do you think those bras that don't fit and not worn end up? Some are from days when quality was much better.

gingercat02 Wed 21-Jul-21 10:19:12

I buy all my bras from Belle Lingerie since doing the MN bra intervention. Following for decent everyday nice knickers

Howshouldibehave Wed 21-Jul-21 10:27:36


I buy all my bras (apart from sports bras) from either Simone Perele or Marie Jo, both everyday bras and 'playing out' bras.

Knickers are harder. For everyday/gym, I buy cotton ones from Sainsburys. I use to buy Cosabella but as I get older, I like more coverage and less see-through sheer.

I love, ‘playing out’ bras!

I wear knickers from Tu and bras from
bravissimo. I have a Molke for night wear/winter/being ill though as well

Branleuse Wed 21-Jul-21 11:02:44

m&s microfibre no vpl high legs are my favourite pants. You feel like youre wearing nothing.

As for bras, that depends on your size and shape more.

Ellllle Wed 21-Jul-21 11:16:36

Fantasie for bras (I'm a 32E (or10E) though so will depend on size).

Bonds for everyday undies/knickers/pants.

ThankYouVeryMuchGerry Wed 21-Jul-21 13:40:08

Sloggi for everyday wear. I purchased some M&S knickers and bras in May and I've had to throw away all the knickers, leg elastic came away and the gusset started ripping. Not like they were cheap either - £12 a pair.

Bertiebiscuit Thu 22-Jul-21 17:37:15

Can't go wrong with sloggi knickers and bras although they are more and more expensive but such good quality - nothing much else on the high street seems well made

Twinkie01 Thu 22-Jul-21 17:49:12

I'm a 30G and the best bras I've found are by Fantasie which I get from JL, always wash them in a Lakeland bra bag too as it prolongs their life. I've got matching pants to each bra but they aren't cotton and I find them uncomfortable so just buy M&S cotton knickers.

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