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Blondeblonde Tue 13-Jul-21 18:26:32

Do you feel better as a blonde or brunette? I went blonde several years ago and 2 years ago I went back to brunette and I felt so dowdy. I hate that being blonde does that to me but it’s true what they say once you go blonde you’ll never go back to brunette. Im happily married but men will always look when im blonde and never bother when im brunette. I love getting my highlights done I feel so fresh and vibrant even if my hair is calling for more moisture grin. It just makes me feel so good and more confident.

What is it about blonde that does this to men and women??

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OhTheTastyNuts Tue 13-Jul-21 19:43:14

I much prefer being a brunette! I had my hair highlighted for years but much prefer it now it's brown again. It's glossy and in lovely condition!

I'm 43 and just starting to get strands of grey coming through so will be going back to the highlights at some point soon!

My hair colour has never affected how men look at me.

Birkie248 Tue 13-Jul-21 19:58:51

Different strokes for different folks I guess.
I have naturally very dark hair and everytime I go lighter I get jealous of those with shiny dark hair still and go back.
All colour hair can be striking, personally I always wanted ginger like my cousin.

prettypinkflamingo Tue 13-Jul-21 20:13:25

I'm better as a blonde...get too many comments asking if I'm not well when I'm brunette! Think it's my pasty complexion!

scottmichael Tue 13-Jul-21 20:15:01


I'm better as a blonde...get too many comments asking if I'm not well when I'm brunette! Think it's my pasty complexion!

Same here.

SirenSays Tue 13-Jul-21 20:23:43

I've always preferred to be brunette over blonde. I don't get any more attention from men either way, I just like how the darker hair brings out my green eyes. My hair is Sofia Vergara-esque at the moment. Not too dark, long and wavy

AnnaSW1 Tue 13-Jul-21 20:28:52



raffegiraffe Tue 13-Jul-21 20:40:10

Blonde. I hated it when I went even to dark blonde

Suspicioussam Tue 13-Jul-21 20:50:16

I went brunette in my early 20's and loved it. I got so many compliments. I have green eyes and noone ever noticed until I was brunette and then everyone noticed! I think I actually got more attention than blonde.
The downside is I had to dye it every month or the roots looked funny (dark blonde naturally).
Now I'm older I think being blonde helps me feel brighter, I wouldn't have the guts to go brunette again, especially now the greys are starting to appear. I love getting my highlights done and the brighter blonde the better.

Gigia Wed 14-Jul-21 13:34:49

I recently went brunette after being blonde my whole life and I love it. I am pretty pale with blue eyes but it seems to suit me. Get the same amount of male attention as when I was blonde

Pengwyn Wed 14-Jul-21 13:44:26

I didn't like being blonde, I felt washed out.

I did get attention from men but the wrong kind of attention and from the wrong men, they seemed to infantilise me and assume I needed their assistance which really annoyed me.

As a brunette my hair was glossy, rich and complemented my skin tone.

I'm naturally silvery gray with dark stripes underneath now and strangely it doesn't wash me out the same way blonde does.

It sets off my peachy pink skin and I get loads of compliments.

happymummy12345 Thu 22-Jul-21 18:28:05

I'm a natural brunette. I started having blonde highlights when I was 14. Then when I was 16 I bleached my hair blonde, fully, bleach on the scalp and everything. I loved it and I got my roots redone a couple of times.
In the end I just couldn't afford to maintain it and it did ruin my hair a bit.
No one else liked it at all, even the hairdresser who done it said it wasn't a good idea. Everyone hated it. I was literally the only person who liked it. I felt I suited blonde hair more.
In the end I decided to let it grow out completely, so I left it to grow out naturally. I didn't want to colour over it. It took 2 years to completely grow out. Since I swore I will never ever colour my hair again in any way. It's much healthier again, and my complete natural colour.
So while I loved being blonde, I'll never do it again.

IDontThinkSoNo Thu 22-Jul-21 18:30:55

Much prefer being a brunette

CambsAlways Thu 22-Jul-21 21:07:48

My friend who was an ex model when younger told me one photographer used to say if they wanted to promote a fun product they would hire a blonde, but if they wanted to sell something expensive like a car they always asked for a brunette, make of that what you will, she was a brunette her friend blonde,

DramaAlpaca Thu 22-Jul-21 21:11:14

Blonde. I'm naturally dark blonde but have highlights. I've gone darker before but don't feel right, it doesn't suit my skin tone.

harryandmarv Thu 22-Jul-21 23:01:53

Naturally I’m an auburn colour, but I’ve had it dyed dark brown, brown & recently gone blonde. No one really commented when I went blonde, there was no compliments. I have, however been told I suit dark hair and a warmer brown/reddish brown.

I did like the blonde and wanted it so much, cost me a bit, after about 6 sessions of highlights! But my hair began getting wrecked and I just couldn’t get that proper clean blonde, it was beginning to look a bit brassy, like Boris Johnson blonde! I felt it didn’t suit me, after all if gone from very dark brown to very light blonde & no-one said anything- deep down I knew it looked shit.

So now i’m using temp dyes, colour shampoos & it’s like a medium copper blonde/light brown. It just suits me better.

TheChild Thu 22-Jul-21 23:24:49

Redhead 😁

I have serious envy of anyone with thick, glossy, dark brown hair. But being a natural ginger, nothing but vibrant copper mango suits me.

dontgobaconmyheart Fri 23-Jul-21 09:58:46

Good lord if men looking is the result of going blonde I'll make a point of staying brunette forever. There is more to life than the male gaze, I don't think confidence boosts need to come from that source or mean anything at all when they do, case in point if men are gawping at blondes like magpies because it's the brighter hair colour and making misogynistic dated assumptions about what it means about their disposition, while not even factoring in anything else or someones personality or anything else about them; where is the compliment.

I do like brunette, and get compliments often on my hair. It's in good condition, is my natural colour and suits me. I think both blonde and brunette can look amazing and what suits a person just suits them rather than one being better than the other. If I could switch I'd be a redhead, I think natural red hair is gorgeous.

Redact Fri 23-Jul-21 10:44:47

I'm dark haired and over the last couple of years have gradually gone lighter through baylage. However, Latterly I ended up almost blonde and hated it especially being so blonde at the ends, the condition of my hair was so poor and the ends especially looked thin, when I actually have thick hair. I just didn't look like me. So now I am back to my original dark hair - maybe not quite as dark, and the condition is so much better, nice shiny and swishy and I look more like me. I actually feel happier too.

coogee Fri 23-Jul-21 10:47:38

I'm blonde but went brunette once. I got loads more male (and female) attention, all asking what I had done to my hair.

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