Please talk to me about bras? Possibly not wired.

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Lovemusic33 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:12:38

I spent most of the last 2 years wearing sports bras or no bra (thanks to lockdown), now all my old bras feel really uncomfortable. Problem is my boobs are beginning to move south and I need a bit of uplift. I need new bras but they need to be comfy. Can anyone recommend a comfy uplifting bra?

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Carbis Fri 18-Jun-21 21:55:53

How about sloggi zero feel? They are on the pricey side imo. It really doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a bra (which I find a bit unnerving after many years of underwires!) but give a good shape.

Geamhradh Fri 18-Jun-21 22:00:23

M&S do a two pack unwired, the comfiest I have ever had.

OldTinHat Fri 18-Jun-21 22:13:38

I got speared in the boob by an M&S bra today thanks to its wire trying to break free! I've dug out one of their ye olde wire free versions from the (chester!) drawer and sighed in comfort.

HailingTaxis Fri 18-Jun-21 22:18:02

I've been in maternity and nursing bras for 6 years, and will never go back to underwired again. No idea where good, non-nursing bras are to be found, but I'm following this with interest.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Fri 18-Jun-21 22:19:33

Not sure if Molke count as uplifting but I find them really comfortable and more shape than a sports bra.

Acovic Fri 18-Jun-21 22:22:57

I came on to say Molke.


Justa47 Fri 18-Jun-21 22:23:48


Depending on your size .
Try elomi

TrufflyPig Fri 18-Jun-21 22:25:13

I haven't worn an underwired bra for about 5 years and I don't ever intend to go back. H&M is my go to place for cheap but nice non wired bras.

Lovemusic33 Fri 18-Jun-21 22:35:57

Thank you, I’m a size C or D depending on where I buy from, I have quite a wide back (38). I have ordered the ones from M&S to try, I will look at the other suggestions. I could do with getting measured again.

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Gloucester15 Fri 18-Jun-21 22:40:29

I’ve been wearing these for the last year:

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sat 19-Jun-21 11:28:46

You would probably be an XL stellar from Molke.
The size chart will say L, but honestly XL is easier to get into and I'm not a contortionist.
They do returns though.

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