The Ordinary products in Wiltshire?

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pennycarbonara Fri 18-Jun-21 16:45:59

On holiday, forgot something. Are there places in Wilts that sell The Ordinary? If they do is it a limited range? Or would you need to go to Southampton or Bristol to buy it in person? What about Winchester?

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Nightbear Fri 18-Jun-21 17:51:04

Try click and collect for the Boots nearest you.

wheresmymojo Fri 18-Jun-21 19:33:33

I don't think anywhere in Winchester sells it...

wheresmymojo Fri 18-Jun-21 19:35:39

Sorry I forgot there is a Space NK in Winchester and they usually stock it. Worth phoning ahead just to check.

Bristol also has a Space NK

Tinitiny Fri 18-Jun-21 19:42:14

Next sell it - you can get it delivered for pick up in store, would that work?

crumble82 Fri 18-Jun-21 19:47:42

There’s a Space NK in Marlborough. Failing that can you just order from cult beauty and get it delivered to wherever you’re staying?

OneYeminRoad Fri 18-Jun-21 19:58:14

ASOS sell The Ordinary and have next day delivery.


HeySeamus Fri 18-Jun-21 22:56:42

I don't think there is anywhere in Southampton that sells it. Boots only has Inky List in store unfortunately so I have to order online.

HeySeamus Fri 18-Jun-21 22:58:00

Also, if you're on holiday in Wiltshire DO NOT waste any time visiting Southampton wink

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