Purchases you regret?

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WineGetsMeThroughIt Fri 18-Jun-21 14:49:00

I think it's safe to say we've all made a few purchases that we retreat for one reason or another. I've been going through my wardrobe lately realising I've spent so much money on things I've just not got much use out of for one reason or another. I've also scored some great deals on eBay as a result of other people's purchases they've not even bothered to wear / use recently.

One of mine that has stood out is this LV Graceful bag. At the time I already had several other LV bags and was using my Neverful every day as my daily work bag. I got the Graceful, and while I do love it I think it's just too corporate looking for my day to day outfits now which are a bit more casual elegant I'd say. Wish I'd chosen a different style.

What do you regret buying?

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Roseyleaf Fri 18-Jun-21 15:02:52

I bought a silk shirt which creases badly if I put a jacket or coat over it.

Itwasgoodwhileitlasted Fri 18-Jun-21 15:03:46

That's a gorgeous bag op.

Why not sell it?

In fact sell it to me for £40. Please grin

toolazytothinkofausername Fri 18-Jun-21 15:10:04

Dr Martens boots. They were too heavy for my ankles. They are lovely though and look fab, just not for me.

Floisme Fri 18-Jun-21 15:19:51

Far too many to list here but the one that stands out is a blue linen jacket I bought from Hobbs in the early noughties. Well over £100. I couldn't afford it but I'd turned 40 and I'd read all this stuff about quality and investment pieces. I wore it twice and felt like a cross between Mrs Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer in her engagement suit. I've kept it to remind me to listen to my instincts rather than fashion writers. If you never make mistakes you never learn.

TableNiner Fri 18-Jun-21 15:20:19

Far too many to mention. I don't buy expensive stuff but it still all adds up to thousands of pounds. I'm trying to be more discerning these days.

OldTinHat Fri 18-Jun-21 15:29:25

A cricut joy which I've still not used. Worse still, a poster on here warned me not to buy one...


Prettybubblesintheair Fri 18-Jun-21 15:32:44

Guerlain meteorites the pearls. I want to love them but I just don’t! I’m asking for the pressed powder compact for my birthday in the hope that I’ll prefer it as in concept it’s great, green to counteract redness lilac to brighten etc, the Pearl format just doesn’t work for me!

Badoukas Fri 18-Jun-21 15:33:22

Among other things, an expensive cashmere cardigan that looked old really quickly.

Fairyliz Fri 18-Jun-21 15:40:31

Anything linen!
I fall for it every other year thinking I will waft through summer looking cool and stylish.
I put it on and within 10 minutes it looks a crinkled mess and I get changed.

Lamentations Fri 18-Jun-21 16:05:17

95% of everything I've bought on eBay.

OakPine Fri 18-Jun-21 16:23:35

Too many to remember. I think I am terribly bad at shopping. Recent bad purchases include:
Cashmere cardigan and jumper that lasted less than 4 weeks before they got holes in them.
Sheepskin lined boots that are too tight. The label said "buy your regular size, and it is ok if they are too tight because the sheepskin lining will flatten". Nope!
Boden silk blouse that developed a hole under the arm after a few wears.
Beautiful long skirt that I thought was cotton but is actually a horrible scratchy viscose mix.
A raincoat from Hobbs that I thought was cotton but is actually a horrible shiny material. I could have taken it back, but forgot to and now it's too late.
Several pairs of lovely bamboo socks that are the right size on the feet but cut off my circulation in my legs.
I could go on but it's too depressing.
I can't wait till I can actually get out to the shops again. I'm not a technophobe but I just can't get the hang of online shopping. Nothing I buy seems to be as good as described.

moonbedazzled Fri 18-Jun-21 16:25:09

Half my wardrobe.

Confusedandshaken Fri 18-Jun-21 16:26:18

Dyson AirWrap. Gives a beautiful bouncy blow dry that drops into limp strands after an hour.

2 tailor made dresses that I never wore. Just too dowdy. Like someone upthread I was going for classic when my signature look is more intellectual, midlife, trailer trash. Like a cross between Mary Beard and Jordan's first wedding.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Fri 18-Jun-21 16:33:20

OP I have that bag in Damier Ebene and I absolutely love it, however since I'm no longer working from the office I haven't used it in over a year which makes me sad.

I found a lovely jumpsuit in my wardrobe under other day, tags still on it, bought a year ago. I love it but it requires someone else to come to the toilet with me every time to unzip it and zip it back up. Not practical.

Scoobygang7 Fri 18-Jun-21 16:39:44

@Prettybubblesintheair might be a daft suggestion but I think there's a fluid people add to broken eye shadows that once dry fixes them. Could you crush the pearls in individual colour and press them yourself in a pan going of the colour clusters from a photo of the pressed one? Might save money if you can

HiGunny Fri 18-Jun-21 16:52:03

I have a habit of shopping for my former city life where I worked in an office and went out for dinner and drinks a lot. Now I'm a SAHM in the countryside where everyone wears leggings and with Covid there have been zero opportunities to dress up. I keep buying stylish outfits that will just sit in my wardrobe 🙁

My most recent purchase was a pair of wide denim cullottes that I then went and spent more money on getting taken up. I like them but have nowhere to wear them and DH thinks they look daft so I know I won't have the confidence to wear them.

RolyPolyBatFace Fri 18-Jun-21 16:57:38

A mulberry Bayswater in oxblood. So heavy. Bought a couple of years ago and used once maybe.

A mulberry Anthony messenger bag. Feels like a school satchel to me.

Clearly a bit of a theme here

Nohomemadecandles Fri 18-Jun-21 17:02:04

A Joules winter coat. Not hugely expensive compared to Mullberry bags but I had been quite excited about finding a coat I liked. Turned out the hood was so heavy it pulled it backwards off your shoulders if it wasn't fastened. And the zip catches every time and I've ripped the lining of the bloody thing trying to extricate myself from it! For £140 you expect better!

sylbunny Fri 18-Jun-21 17:03:40

Another one to say Doc Martens. They make my feet look massive, my calves fat and they are insanely uncomfortable. No amount of breaking them in can be worth it

thebear1 Fri 18-Jun-21 17:08:39

Ebay clothes that looked better in the pictures than on me. It's worth it for the gems though.

Nohomemadecandles Fri 18-Jun-21 17:17:35

Oh, and the lockdown "small" cheery up presents to myself - the gel nail kit, the embroidery kit, the cheese cloth, colouring book, yoga mat, bullet journal... all untouched. I've disabled my Amazon account

SwimBaby Fri 18-Jun-21 17:18:17

All the clothes I buy when I’m at my ‘slimmer’ weight, I’ve done it so many times. Then six months later they don’t fit.

Salanda Fri 18-Jun-21 17:23:33

Lots of stuff! I try and be discerning but sometimes you don’t know about the issues with an item of clothing until it’s too late - like it looks great when you try it on but it creases really badly. The weirdest one I had was a bought a winter parka which looked great on and was warm and waterproof without being too technical looking or frumpy…. Wore it out for a whole day and it was so heavy it left me with red marks on my shoulders where I’d be carrying most of the weight of it. Not something I’d really had on my radar to check when I tried it on! It was about £300 too angry I can still wear it for short times but it’s obviously a bit limiting.

lindyloo57 Fri 18-Jun-21 18:42:59

A brown leather bag around £130. This was around 2006 its the small style you wear tuck under the arm, never used, a bag with a chain long handle from house of Fraser, can't remember the name £120. Used once, only two years ago a sequin dress oasis it was in the sale so not expensive but never had the confidence to wear it, I could go on many more but I'll stop there.

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