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Dodie66 Thu 17-Jun-21 23:19:37

Has anybody tried clothing from this company. I had a look at their dresses and they look lovely for good prices. I just wondered what the quality is like and is the sizing ok too

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ApplesandBananas21 Thu 17-Jun-21 23:22:53

I buy from there!
It all depends on what it is your buying tbh.
Pants for me are true to size but tops differ.
The reviews are really good to help decide on sizing.
I've had a couple of bad things from there but on the whole liked everything else.

WhoEatsPopTarts Fri 18-Jun-21 00:28:30

Dreadful, don’t bother it’s a false economy

WorraLiberty Fri 18-Jun-21 00:33:35

I find them really hit and miss.

I've ordered a few things from there and the quality has been dreadful.

Then I gave them a 2nd chance and the two vest tops that arrived yesterday are really lovely (soft ribbed material with a lace trim).

I'm still waiting on a summer dress and a pair of shorts, so I'll update when they arrive but the photos from other buyers looked promising.

bonfireheart Fri 18-Jun-21 00:34:37

OP, I got some gorgeous summer dresses from there, I get lots of compliments esp on the maxi dresses which are so comfy.

dancemusicsexromance Fri 18-Jun-21 00:37:16

Absolutely brilliant.
Clothing has all been really true to size, not had a bad thing - maybe I've been lucky.
Faster delivery than expected
Reviews are useful
You don't need to size up

WorraLiberty Fri 18-Jun-21 00:38:43

Do definitely look at the images from buyers though, as some of them are a real eye opener - in both good and bad ways.


VienneseWhirligig Fri 18-Jun-21 00:39:38

I've some lovely buffet dresses and t-shirts, and a couple of skirts that aren't so great (DS just raised one eyebrow when I opened the package grin). Wash lovely, don't shrink. I like them.

Houseofvelour Fri 18-Jun-21 00:43:21

I am shein obsessed! Overall the clothes have been great quality. I've had a couple of items that haven't fit right so I returned them with no problems.

QueenBee52 Fri 18-Jun-21 00:45:37

whats the delivery time like ?

QueenBee52 Fri 18-Jun-21 00:50:25

asking for a friend .... 👀

WorraLiberty Fri 18-Jun-21 00:51:07


whats the delivery time like ?

Only 4 days for the 2 vest tops I ordered.

The other 2 items (ordered at the same time) are yet to arrive but they gave a standard '3 weeks' for both.

thisgardenlife Fri 18-Jun-21 00:59:41

what about sizing - are they true to UK sizes or do they come up small?

QueenBee52 Fri 18-Jun-21 02:24:32

thats actually surprisingly fast..

thank you 🌺

Silkiecats Fri 18-Jun-21 02:30:25

DD gets clothes from there, all cheap, quality varies as does sizing but each item has its own size guide which is accurate but you need your measurements. Ours can take about 2 weeks but we are rural.

Nat6999 Fri 18-Jun-21 02:31:21

I've bought loads from their curve collection, be prepared to get trashed on here, because they aren't an ethical company.

Coolhand2 Fri 18-Jun-21 03:09:13

My first order arrived this week and I am so impressed, except for 1 dress, I shouldn't have sized up. I got shorts, pants and dresses. I measured myself and went by that, also I read lots of reviews. Now I have lovely summer clothes.

HoppingPavlova Fri 18-Jun-21 03:47:23

One of my kids uses them regularly with no issues. It’s one season only (if that) fashion though but the prices do reflect this. So I think mainly suited to young people who dress with the constantly changing trends rather clothes you will keep.

Hydrate Fri 18-Jun-21 03:55:53

I've never used them my son just asked me about them a couple of days ago I told him I think they're probably like wish but I wasn't sure.

IHaveBrilloHair Fri 18-Jun-21 03:58:51

V much hit and miss, I'd say 90% hit for me though.

runoutofgoodusernames Fri 18-Jun-21 04:21:33

My girls get loads from there and no complaints so far.

They gave me a tip though which others have mentioned - ALWAYS read the reviews!

Xztop Fri 18-Jun-21 06:40:28

I love shein, never had anything bad. All the items have been good quality and fitted me perfectly.
Top tip- read the reviews for each item before buying!!!

Stokey Fri 18-Jun-21 07:10:05

I did one shop for the DDs. Thought the quality was appalling and material was horrible mmf. And I do felt guilty about the environmental impact of adding to the glut of cheap clothes. If you can afford to, I would shop elsewhere.

Dodie66 Fri 18-Jun-21 08:32:21

Thanks everyone. I’ll order a couple of items and see what they are like. Thanks for the tips about reading the reviews and sizing

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Jabbinell Fri 18-Jun-21 08:34:29

Avoid polyester

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