How do you dress in this weather?

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AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 15:04:57

I have gone from boiling in T-shirt and shorts yesterday to still being warm but wearing a coat outside just now. It must be the worst weather in terms of knowing how to dress.

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coogee Thu 17-Jun-21 15:07:31

Short shorts and a strappy top yesterday.

Short shorts and a fleece hoodie today.

AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 15:21:29

I'm impressed you can manage a fleece in this humidity grin

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Tehmina23 Thu 17-Jun-21 15:27:25

It's humid & rainy here. I've just walked to Tesco & having a quick coffee in the cafe before shopping.

Wearing vest top & silky cuffed trousers with trainers & Gap hoody, got an umbrella.
It's too warm in the hoody so I've taken it off!!

coogee Thu 17-Jun-21 15:29:40

It hadn't actually occurred to me that it was humid.

Just checked the weather station and it is showing 27% out and 20% in. I've spent some time in places where it is 85% year round, so nothing really.

AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 15:35:22

@coogee Sorry - thought it was humid everywhere.

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lazylinguist Thu 17-Jun-21 15:37:24

Pair of trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It's about 18 or 19 degrees with a light breeze here (NW England), so no problems with clothing!


torquewench Thu 17-Jun-21 15:37:24

Ive got long pants and a long sleeved top on, because its bloody freezing in my open plan office with the aircon on but roasting outside...

AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 15:38:04

@Tehmina23 Those trousers sound cool!

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AdjustableAssholeSettings Thu 17-Jun-21 15:38:51

66% humidity here, I'm in a floaty dress and pumps.

SomethingNastyInTheBallPool Thu 17-Jun-21 15:42:28

Linen trousers and loose, slightly silky t-shirt. Sandals (no socks or tights). When I went out earlier I took a hoodie but didn’t need it. It’s warm and very humid here (London).

Ozanj Thu 17-Jun-21 15:45:26

Floaty maxi dress

Newhousehope Thu 17-Jun-21 15:53:44

My phone is telling me 70% humidity.
Shorts and vest with trainers. (Same as yesterday but with flip flops!) Cardi slung round waist for school run. No idea why as it’s not going to protect me from the rain 🤣

AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 15:57:04

72% here last I looked. The worst of this weather is you either boil with a coat or risk being drenched.

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ShrikeAttack Thu 17-Jun-21 16:09:07

It's 80% here, very sticky! I live in an old farmhouse with very thick walls so it's nice and cool inside, jeans, a t-shirt and flip-flops have been sufficient.

coogee Thu 17-Jun-21 16:24:18

My phone is telling me 70% humidity.

Mine is saying 72% but it clearly isn't. Just off to the shop, so I've ditched the hoodie.

Tehmina23 Thu 17-Jun-21 20:08:46

My trousers were actually £6 from Primark...

scrivette Thu 17-Jun-21 20:29:57

I am wearing a dress with trainers, I had been wearing flip flops with a dress at the beginning of the week as my feet were getting hot in the trainers.

TopTabby Thu 17-Jun-21 20:30:40

It's a dress & white trainers for me (but don't tell the sneery other thread running in Style & Beauty) grin

AdoptedBumpkin Thu 17-Jun-21 21:59:04

@TopTabby grin

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StarlightLady Fri 18-Jun-21 07:28:35

Long flowing summer dress, no knickers and waterproofs. Muddled up or what 😂?

NoBetterthanSheShouldBe Fri 18-Jun-21 07:38:53

Staying with friend in southwest England for several days with very limited packing space … knee length linen skirt, various toning cotton sleeveless/short sleeve tops. Cardigan and waterproof on hand for sudden changes in the weather.

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Fri 18-Jun-21 07:41:24

I wore cuffed linen trousers and a t shirt yesterday, with trainers and a waterproof mac when I went out.

StCharlotte Fri 18-Jun-21 08:36:54

Cropped trousers and a thin top as it's very sticky here this morning (but pissing down). Synthetic - i.e. waterproof - loafers. Change into sandals in the office. Lightweight waterproof jacket.

I really want a Rains jacket but I don't think they go big enough dammit.

BobbinThreadbare123 Fri 18-Jun-21 08:40:12

Outside work I don't care, but it's what to wear for work in this weather which infuriates me. From September to May I will be in trousers, boots, tights, jumpers etc but once it gets warm that's too hot! Also not allowed open toes where I work because it's an industrial site.

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