Never have I ever worn....

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Maireas Wed 16-Jun-21 21:22:52

a pair of leggings
Just not my thing. They're popular, just never owned a pair (and I've had kids!)
Anything that you've never worn that most people seem to?

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StellaLeonte Wed 16-Jun-21 21:26:49

Leather biker jacket.

AnyFucker Wed 16-Jun-21 21:27:53

Cold shoulder top

Tiered dress

Maireas Wed 16-Jun-21 21:27:53


Leather biker jacket.

Me neither!

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Grumpasaurus Wed 16-Jun-21 21:28:42


StiffyByng Wed 16-Jun-21 21:28:47

Skinny jeans. I’ve worn bootlegs throughout the last decade or so.

Hufflepuffsunite Wed 16-Jun-21 21:29:37

A bikini


Littleguggi Wed 16-Jun-21 21:30:38

A body suit, the ones that look like a baby vest

Mrgrinch Wed 16-Jun-21 21:31:35

Converse or vans

TheBobJog Wed 16-Jun-21 21:31:43

Anything tucked in <short waisted>

Domoresteps Wed 16-Jun-21 21:32:17


IamChipmunk Wed 16-Jun-21 21:32:17

Dungarees (except maybe as a very small child!)

ShrikeAttack Wed 16-Jun-21 21:32:31

Biker jacket.

Jogging bottoms.

A flowery dress.

HelloDulling Wed 16-Jun-21 21:32:32

Shorts. Well, not as an adult. Probs last worn aged 13 or so.

I’ve worn leggings for sport, but never for real clothes.

Maireas Wed 16-Jun-21 21:33:06


Cold shoulder top

Tiered dress

I've never worn a cold shoulder top.
I last wore a tiered dress in about 1978.

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sadmummy12345 Wed 16-Jun-21 21:33:54


Jumbojem Wed 16-Jun-21 21:33:58

Denim jacket. Tired of it being suggested as the stylish cover up of choice.

FlyingBurritoBrothers Wed 16-Jun-21 21:39:41

Maxi dress
Leather jacket/trousers
False nails
False eyelashes

JeanClaudeVanDammit Wed 16-Jun-21 21:39:59

Converse. They give me clown feet.

FourTurnings Wed 16-Jun-21 21:42:38

Dr. Martens.
A full length meringue style wedding gown.

Neolara Wed 16-Jun-21 21:44:06

A nightie

PoliceDogWoof Wed 16-Jun-21 21:44:13

Never worn leggings.

Or a classic white shirt or a classic beige trench coat 😪

Maireas Wed 16-Jun-21 21:45:07

I've never worn false eyelashes either.
They look as if they'd irritate the heck out of me.

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Gullible2021 Wed 16-Jun-21 21:45:18

Checked Shirts, Football Shirts and Denim Shirts - can't stand the look of them at all.

Uggs. Ditto.

Dungarees since I've been over the age of nine. Ditto x 2.

I wish I could say polo shirts but I've had to wear them as work or volunteering uniform in the past. They are probably my least favourite item of clothing with checked shirts a close second!

Einszwei Wed 16-Jun-21 21:46:35

Leather/pleather trousers.

A poncho back in the day....begged my mother for one, but she never gave in (thankfully).

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