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DocsOddSocks Wed 16-Jun-21 10:34:20

Any tips on where to start on a capsule wardrobe? I have far too many clothes and not enough space! smile

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PersonaNonGarter Wed 16-Jun-21 11:50:08

There are lots of threads and YouTube videos that will put you in a beige trench coat with white shirt and jeans. Everything goes together.

Is that what you want? Or do you just want fewer clothes?

Annasgirl Wed 16-Jun-21 12:47:23

Well, I did this last week.

I cleared out everything from my wardrobe. (every last item, out onto the bed).

I decided the only items going back in were items that I adored. So I tried on everything that I thought I loved and I looked at myself in a full length mirror and I decided if (1) I looked great and (2) if it fitted comfortably and (3) if I felt great. If I got a yes to all 3, it went back in.

I think it is easier to build it this way.

There were some items that I couldn't decide on so I put these in a hold location (ie I stored them away) and if I do not wear them in the next 6 months, they will be donated).

I stored all my beautiful winter clothes (I did the same 3 question test for these) in the drawer part of my wardrobe and so the display shelves and rail only contains my Spring/Summer/Autumn clothes - dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, light jackets, jeans, trousers and sportswear.

There are some great resources online if you type in minimalism and declutter clothes . Do not type in capsule wardrobe or you will get the "trench coat/ jeans/ black trousers" rubbish alluded to in the first post.

Good luck.

crochetmonkey74 Wed 16-Jun-21 13:15:37

ooh my favourite topic...

I did this a few years ago and here's how I did it.
DO NOT chuck stuff out first- if you have a separate area (back of bedroom door for me) get out 10 items- mix of tops, bottoms and dresses (whatever is your preference) wear only these 10 items for 10 days- making them into different outfits. I took photos of myself to look at objectively later. Keep a running list of what you wear, how it makes you feel etc. If during these 10 days, anything feels uncomfortable, you don't like it or it's broken beyond repair, put it in a donate pile. (obviously not the broken stuff) At the end of this 10 days, if you still like all 10 items, great- put them in a 'definitely keep' area. Then , get another 10 items out and start again. The key to this system for me was no laundry- put stuff in the donate box as you discard it- put stuff in the definitely keep box as you take it off. That way, stuff doesn't go through the laundry and get all mixed back in. You can then work through a fairly large wardrobe systematically and you are also learning how to capsule as you go along. I have all colours, no beige white and grey here- and no big outlay at the start. I found a huge wardrobe sort too overwhelming so I did it this way incrementally and it really worked. Another good tip is to find an empty suitcase or vacuum bag and store all winter clothes for now, you can then repeat this process in Sept/ Oct. Also, stash away any evening wear etc - divide and conquer is the way to do it- if you work this system through, eventually- your wardrobe will be empty, you will launder your definitely keep box and pop it all in your wardrobe- and Voila- capsule wardrobe ready to go. Don't be bound by number of items necessarily- if you have 4 pairs of black trousers and you love them all- maybe you could store 2 away and keep 2 in rotation- that way, when they need replacing, you have ready replacements. I have a wardrobe of 35 items currently but am scaling down again.

ginghamtablecloths Wed 16-Jun-21 13:34:08

What are your favourite colours OP? Which ones suit you? Do they match the image you wish to convey, ie navy/grey/black may say 'serious and business-like' to you, pastel blue/pink may say 'feminine' etc. I'd suggest sorting out your clothes in colour blocks with items which co-ordinate next to them.

Start with basics like skirt or trousers, jacket/coat in your 'base' colours and put with blouses, t-shirts, tops in co-ordinating colours. This is easier if patterns have one dominant colour, rather than too wishy-washy or an explosion in a paint factory.

Shoes, belts and bags are best in a basic colour which goes with almost everything else.

I have two double wardrobes - one for beige, brown and cream, the other for blue and grey. White goes with either. I alternate - each day I pick a top or dress and then automatically the other items from the same side will match with no mucking about. Is this possible for you?

When you buy something new ask if it will co-ordinate with what is already in your wardrobe, if it doesn't then don't buy it. If the colour or style of the moment is not to your liking then sit out that season. You buy fewer clothes which is less wasteful and more economical.

I like to think I look elegant - others may say otherwise!

crochetmonkey74 Fri 18-Jun-21 15:14:16

gah OP's never come back on capsule wardrobe posts and I always want to talk about it more!

Seesawmummadaw Fri 18-Jun-21 17:16:39

@crochetmonkey74 haha! Talk to me. I’m in the process of doing this and found your post (and @ginghamtablecloths) really helpful.

I’m using the wardrobe in the spare room for the unsure whether to pass on clothes which also means that I can shop from what I already have if I really have to.

I’m down to
two pairs of jeans (black and blue)
3 long casual dresses (2 black, one multi)
2 short casual dresses (black and 1 red)
2 casual tops (both white)
3 jumpers (grey, blue and cream)

I have far too many shoes,coats and bags which I’m not ready to cull just yet.
I’ve also not started on ‘occasion wear’.


DelphiniumBlue Fri 18-Jun-21 17:45:50

Hmm, I 'm not really very minimalist, but my best tip is to choose between black and navy. ( Brown is not on my radar, but you might want to factor that in to your decision making. I never wear brown or camel but that's because it doesn't suit me.) Then you don't need duplicates, you have either black or navy trousers, and tops and jackets that all go with all your bottoms.
Personally I have black as a base colour with some charcoal grey ( because I can wear that with black) and then dresses and jumpers/blouses in anything except navy or autumnal colours. Everything can be worn with anything else.
I got fed up of packing for holidays trying to work out which jacket/shoes went with a maximum of other items.
I also have sandals in metallic colours or black only for maximum versatility.
If you restrict your base colours, everything else seems to fall into place.

crochetmonkey74 Fri 18-Jun-21 18:55:15

Base colours of navy, burgundy and forest green work as well, are in the same tones and my favourite palette. I've recently got into metallic shoes and they are so versatile. My area that needs culling is the bags. I find it hard to let go of them but I really do want to have quite a big dramatic scale down.
seesaw sounds like you are really doing it brilliantly! I love the idea of having such a few items. I went on holiday a couple of years ago, the air bnb had a really lovely bamboo rail, and with my holiday wardrobe (autumn in uk) on it looked so cool to just have those few items. Something I am working towards again!

Seventimesaday Fri 18-Jun-21 18:59:58

Love the idea of a capsule wardrobe.
But do you not get bored of wearing the same things all the time?

Normandy144 Fri 18-Jun-21 19:07:34

I've always struggled with this. Never really knew what suited me in terms of colours etc. I took the big step last year of getting my colours done. It's been so helpful. I'm now building my own wardrobe that is filled with colours that suit me but more importantly the colour palette all works together. So I know that I can combine things together as they all go together. I don't work for any of the colour analysis companies I promise, but it has been a really useful experience for me and has helped me say goodbye to some items in my wardrobe.that don't work for me and then I just gradually replace for each season.

Divebar2021 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:02:57

I don’t have a capsule wardrobe but I have 2 recommendations- one is a book called The Curated Closet which will help find your style …. Not some bog standard regurgitated bullshit capsule wardrobe involving a white shirt, trench coat (yawn!) etc that you see online all the time. An actual style to suit you. The second recommendation is a blogger / You Tuber called A Small Wardrobe who is a minimalist with a capsule wardrobe. She’s interesting because her wardrobe demonstrates how you can create a personalised wardrobe without resorting to the same old pieces. Her style is not my style but she’s very inspirational and calming somehow.

SpinbikeNotebook Fri 18-Jun-21 20:10:59

I like project 333, because you don't actually have to get rid of anything, but chances are you will!

I might try it again soon, as have slipped into bad habits. You use 33 items for 3 months, then switch things round, so you have different capsules depending on season. The rules are online and easy to look up.

I've contemplated a 111 (not the NHS helpline, obviously!) where I'd do 11 items for a month, but that would be hard.

SpinbikeNotebook Fri 18-Jun-21 20:11:46

I love A Small Wardrobe too @Divebar2021

cervixuser Fri 18-Jun-21 20:15:04

I love a good capsule wardrobe conversation - I start with navy and have trousers jeans/skinny/smart these team up with t-shirts - white/stripe and a breton stripe sweater. I have a bronze coloured jacket, navy jacket and a navy coat. I have a lot of scarves in different colours. For dressy up I have a couple of dresses which aren't navy. I have 2 shoulder bags - one yellow and the other is navy( surprise) I have a pair of white trainers/navy sandals/tan boots

cervixuser Fri 18-Jun-21 20:15:50

adding to the above I have a few sweaters - navy/pink/grey

cervixuser Fri 18-Jun-21 20:19:42 i like this blog

crochetmonkey74 Fri 18-Jun-21 20:33:22

I also love A Small Wardrobe, and love Jessica Rose Williams too. Neither are my style of clothes but I love their videos especially when they sort out and move on pieces between capsules. I dont get bored with fewer items, in fact I find it better as I feel nice in everything I own now, before i felt mismatched some days, or uncomfortable

inappropriateraspberry Fri 18-Jun-21 20:39:27

I like Frump Fighters. A list of items, but lots of flexibility in how you interpret it. If you pay, you can get a full calendar of daily outfits! Great if you don't want to think in the morning.

Seesawmummadaw Fri 18-Jun-21 21:26:15

@SpinbikeNotebook I love the idea of project 333! Although prefer your 111.

SpinbikeNotebook Sat 19-Jun-21 10:17:17

grin I think the 111 idea might be a little ambitious...but, I'm trying 333 again I think. The only issue is our forever changing seasons here.b It isn't like some places where you know you'll be in shorts for three months, jeans and a shirt for the next three and all the layers for the next.

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