Kids Birkenstocks (for adults)

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Foresttheout Mon 31-May-21 09:35:08

Hi All
Wondering if anyone has bought Birkenstocks from the kids range for adult feet. Is the size 5 (38) in kids the same as size 5 in adults?
I need sandals with an ankle strap and the choice in the kids range all have these, I'm not to bothered about them looking dainty or whatever. I am not in the UK so won't be able to send them back but I know size 5 adults (narrow) fit well

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Squidwardrules Mon 31-May-21 09:39:39

Have you looked at the Birkenstocks ‘professionals’ range? These are for people who want them for work (nurses etc..) and they tend to have ankle straps on adults styles

OwlBasket Mon 31-May-21 09:45:32

I’ve been considering ordering a pair in a children’s 39 too. Same questions as you op. The lack of VAT is nice.

Foresttheout Mon 31-May-21 09:46:12

I'll take a look thankyou, they do have a few with ankle straps in the adult range that i'm happy to buy but the kids ones are very similar but with more choice and half the price

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Foresttheout Mon 31-May-21 10:51:39

@OwlBasket let me know if you take the plunge, I would just risk and send back if need be usually but i'm abroad and they'll be forwarded onto me by a private courier so the cost to return them will be almost the cost of the shoes + a lot of hassle. I guess I could sell them on locally if need be

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Maxiedog123 Mon 31-May-21 10:55:32

I have these sandals in a 37 in leather and they fit like my adult 37s. I find them very comfortable, especially for days when doing a lot of walking.

Slayduggee Mon 31-May-21 10:56:01

I’m a size three so I quite often buy kids shoes and trainers! I bought my Birkenstock’s years ago so I can’t remember if they are adult or kids ones. I find kids shoes in a 3 seems to slightly wider than ladies shoes in a 3.

The only thing I wouldn’t buy from the kids range is running trainers as I’ve heard that adult trainers are built to absorb the weight and shock of an adult running but kids are not


Foresttheout Mon 31-May-21 11:27:14

Thankyou, that is really helpful! I had planned to buy a leather pair with ankle strap and an EVA pair for around the house. I am now leaning towards a kids pair with ankle strap and leather Arizona's as that is only a few pounds more than my original shopping list.

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Forrestttheout Thu 22-Jul-21 08:17:34

Updating for anyone that was interested. My sandals finally arrived and there appears to be not much difference in the size between my adult 39 Arizona sandals and the kids 39 rio which I ordered. Length is exactly the same however the kids ones do feel slightly wider but not by a significant amount and it could be the style rather than the fact they're kid. Very pleased to have saved myself £35

ILoveShula Thu 22-Jul-21 09:17:14

Did you mean the Milano - the ones that are like Arizona but with a strap to make them sandals not slides?

[[ milano kids]

I'm not sure about the velcro fastening but some have a buckle.

I often buy kids shoes. The styling isn't always the same as the adult sizes but they are much cheaper.

ILoveShula Thu 22-Jul-21 09:20:47

milano kids

Forrestttheout Thu 22-Jul-21 14:12:29

No @ILoveShula the pair i bought are called rio ones with a strap across the toes and an ankle strap. I needed an ankle strap and am not a fan of the milano. No velcro on these thankfully. Looking online it seems in other markets they sell the rio in adults sizes to but not in the UK

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