Anybody bought a handbag from Wanderers Travel?

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adrianmolesmole Sun 30-May-21 16:54:03

See them a lot on my SM and they look like amazing bags.. just my taste.

anyone bought one and are they worth the money?

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Sosigsandwich Sun 30-May-21 18:25:07

I have a Venetian passport in teal and absolutely love it. Gorgeous soft leather and really well made. It's not a bright teal in real life, more greeny than blue but I love it and use it every day.

everyonesacf Sun 30-May-21 18:36:27

Yes, I have the Parisian tote. Absolutely love it. Beautifully made, gorgeous leather. I use it everyday. Trying to decide in my next one smile

adrianmolesmole Mon 31-May-21 15:23:41

Ooh that's good to know, that the quality is as good as it seems! I'm seeing a birthday pressie for myself coming up

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Sosigsandwich Thu 17-Jun-21 18:00:57

They've got 20% off atm if you're still after one. Just had a little treat myself!

adrianmolesmole Fri 18-Jun-21 00:09:54

Thanks, I just ordered a Santorini Crossbody in tan. It looks gorgeous! Eeek. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

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Providora Fri 18-Jun-21 04:07:27

I have a tan cross body bag from them, along with a card purse they sent me for free. The leather is absolutely lovely, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Vohgue Fri 18-Jun-21 04:47:33

I have the parisian in tan. It's quite a casual bag, leather very soft and I don't it much as too casual for my profession.

Sosigsandwich Fri 18-Jun-21 19:34:50

I hope you love it! I bought the Salzburg in burgundy.

Providora Mon 21-Jun-21 02:22:02

Thanks for the tip about the 20% off sale @Sosigsandwich!

I now have an olive Amalfi on its way along with another free coin/card purse grin

Sosigsandwich Mon 21-Jun-21 18:49:19

Ooh how exciting @Providora! You'll have to pop a photo on when it arrives... I would love to see what the colour is like in real life. I love my teal Venetian but it's definitely not as bright as in the photos. My Salzburg arrives on Wednesday grin

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