Stylist work laptop rucksack

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Candleabra Wed 26-May-21 21:54:18

Any recommendations for a work laptop rucksack?
Big enough to fit a thin laptop
But not look like a hiking rucksack
Interested in anti-theft
Nice enough to use as a handbag rucksack at the weekend
Would go up to £100 as I think I'd get a lot of wear out of the right purchase

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pitterpatterrain Wed 26-May-21 22:03:33

Don’t know if it fits the bill but I have a knomo

Throughabushbackwards Wed 26-May-21 23:35:42

I also have a knomo. Highly recommend.

StuckOnHoliday Thu 27-May-21 14:39:55

I second knomo. I have a knomo backpack which I love but think I paid £200 for it. It is occasionally on a 20% discount either in John Lewis or on the knomo website.

goose1964 Thu 27-May-21 14:57:21

My daughter has a lekesky, a cheap one from amazon. She's not the easiest on her bags but this still looks immaculate after four months of daily use. It's an option if you can't afford hundreds for a bag.

ProfYaffle Thu 27-May-21 15:05:55

I just got this one off Amazon here

Not sure it ticks the weekend use box but it's smart, anti theft, lots of space and looks professional. I'm really happy with it.

aurea Thu 27-May-21 15:14:20

I've been admiring this for some time in cumin or pink. Pretty pricey but it is fully made in Scotland and has a lifetime guarantee.


Candleabra Thu 27-May-21 15:57:41

Thanks everyone, some really good options here

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Fauvist Thu 27-May-21 16:00:05

I have one of these and love it:

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