Has anyone had cheek fillers..

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TheseAreTheTimea Sat 22-May-21 16:03:26

And was it worth it, did you like it? How long did it last?

I really really want cheek fillers just to lift my face a little bit...just after advice/experience

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pomegranatefudge Sat 22-May-21 20:59:04

I've had them, twice. I've lost quite a lot of weight and felt that I looked a bit gaunt. Had first lot on my cheekbones which definitely lifted my face but I felt added to the gaunt look so then also had the apples done which I'm really happy with. I had my cheekbones done about 5/6 months ago and they're still good, apples only a month ago. My Dr said they'll last between 8/12 months depending on the person.

Beachlovingirl Sat 22-May-21 23:46:20

I’ve also had twice. The cheek bone and then after that the apples. Very happy with each. One of my favourite filler results as it gives a whole lift to the lower face. I had my cheekbones done well over a year ago and there is still product there, and the apples about a year ago and same, still don’t need to be done again yet.

TastyMcNameChange Tue 25-May-21 00:16:47

@pomegranatefudge how many mls you need in your cheekbones to achieve a lift please? I had one ml (so 0.5 each side) and it did naff all

ElectricCar Thu 27-May-21 09:35:35

I had 0.5ml each side and I like it, it doesn't seem too much so people don't notice unless I say but I can notice

Amelia666 Thu 27-May-21 09:42:56

I’ve had 0.5ml on each side (1ml total each time) three times now - on me it’s makes a subtle but noticeable difference, look so much fresher.

It typically lasts about 8 or 9 months on me. I absolutely love the result - it’s more like scaffolding rather than a different face shape at those low levels of filler.

The main advice I’d give is finding a really good clinic and practitioner that you like and trust. Don’t be worried about speaking to several drs before you decide who you’re comfortable with. Good luck op!

princessTiasmum Fri 28-May-21 08:39:33

I have had them twice.but last ones were with something calle d Aliaxin and lasted much longer.in fact still there from early November


hellohellosailor Sun 30-May-21 08:16:32

I have just had these yesterday and although still settling I am really pleased with the results. I look like me but fresher 0.5 mil in each cheek and a little at the sides of my mouth

HappyKatieA Sun 30-May-21 09:40:09

I had them a week ago, I love the results!
I had more than previous posters, 1ml each side. I had them along the cheekbones and apples.
No one has said anything, which I think is a good thing, but I can definitely see it!

hellohellosailor Sun 30-May-21 12:06:13

My results

Electricavenuee Mon 31-May-21 10:05:39

Wow I love your results. I've booked in for next weekend 0.5mls in each side.

hellohellosailor Mon 31-May-21 10:55:08

Yes mine is as 0.5 in each cheek a little at the sides of mouth, 0.5 in my lips and a little Botox on my frown lines. I love it!

NEWBIE09 Sun 27-Jun-21 16:32:32

Hi hellohellosailor

I’ve just joined so that I can ask if you’re still happy with your results. Been wanting cheek fillers for ages, but keep losing my nerve. Yours look great. 😊

ThankYouVeryMuchGerry Sun 27-Jun-21 17:07:17

I love my cheek fillers, mine usually last about a year so I'm due to have them done again on July 9th. They just perk my face up a little bit.

I've got chubby cheeks and am a bit jowly so the fillers just lift me up a bit and make me look a bit fresher and more sculpted.

hellohellosailor Sun 27-Jun-21 17:22:56

Yes still love them and just need a touch more for my marionette lines

NEWBIE09 Sun 27-Jun-21 17:49:57

Thank you both for replying. Been thinking about it for ages. I just want to lift my jowls a bit and look less tired. I’ve never had anything done before, so a bit nervous. Did it hurt and was there much swelling afterwards?

hellohellosailor Sun 27-Jun-21 18:06:09

No not painful really but I had an injection or two to numb the area first so not bad at all. Swelling was minor for a couple of days so I took some pytriton and a couple of painkillers. It was so worth it and after my results three of my friends also had it done.

NEWBIE09 Sun 27-Jun-21 18:59:10

Thank you 😊

princessTiasmum Thu 22-Jul-21 15:02:36

Can i ask which fillers each person had please, as i have had 2 different types, but the first didn't last long, the last ones as previously mentioned were called Alliaxin, still there from last November
Does it depend on age i wonder if you need a different one?
The last one was a bit thicker than previous, Restylane

NEWBIE09 Thu 22-Jul-21 17:15:26

I haven’t had any yet, still trying to pluck up the courage! We’re you happy with the restylane results?

NEWBIE09 Thu 22-Jul-21 17:16:38

Sorry, auto text - that should have read ‘were you happy ….’!

princessTiasmum Sat 24-Jul-21 12:55:23

NEWBIE09 Yes, but i wasn't happy that i had to twice,which cost me double, [£800]
The first time looked ok, but she said they need doing 3 weeks apart,
I haven't been back there since,never heard of this so was shocked, but only lasted a few months
I paid £395 last time , but this lady is expensive too, as my daughter,has had hers done for £275, just as good ,
I think the ones with the Aliaxin are the best,still ok from last November, I think it's fairly new
I will try her next time ,she is a dentist.[my daughters one]
People are putting their prices down because there is so much competition,

NEWBIE09 Sat 24-Jul-21 14:43:47

Did you have your cheeks done? I’ve found someone who seems really good, I’m just worried in case anything goes wrong.

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