Help me pick an outfit for my hen do.

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Jesscarbqueen87 Tue 04-May-21 21:25:46

My hen is just weeks away and I’m having a nosey online and can’t find an outfit for it.

Has to be something that can take me from day to night.

The plan is to go for afternoon tea followed by cocktails, all happening at the same venue.

I would ideally like something white.

Any suggestions?

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jesusmaryjosephandtheweedonkey Tue 04-May-21 21:27:15

Age, height , venue?

Palavah Tue 04-May-21 21:28:48

Palavah Tue 04-May-21 21:28:58

Sorry such a long link!

Jesscarbqueen87 Tue 04-May-21 21:34:49

I’m 28, 5ft5, size 10.

Don’t know much about the venue as it’s somewhere I’ve never been to or know much about. My maid of honour is planning the hen and she’s keeping her cards pretty close to her chest. I had to squeeze the ‘afternoon tea and cocktails’ info out of her so I’d have at least some idea on what to wear.

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Jesscarbqueen87 Tue 04-May-21 21:38:33

@Palavah thanks for that link, that’s a really pretty dress smile sadly it’s not available in my size 😩

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Snailandthewhale Tue 04-May-21 21:55:56 would swap that awful belt

Jesscarbqueen87 Tue 04-May-21 22:05:18

@Snailandthewhale thank you, love the jumpsuit, I actually quite like the belt 🙈

Im quite pear shaped so I like a wide leg trouser and things that are quite cinched at the waist, and I like a high neck to cover my lack of boobs lol

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Snailandthewhale Tue 04-May-21 22:08:13

@Jesscarbqueen87 ha each to their own! It sounds like it'd be perfect and flatter your figure. Definitely more comfortable than a dress too

Palavah Tue 04-May-21 22:16:03

There are quite a few other white lace dress options -

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