White leather trainers size 8 not clumpy or Veja!

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comberbird Tue 04-May-21 10:46:10

Any recommendations? Want something all white/ colour only in heel. Look neat but not too flat (have tretorn tennis shoes and too flat ie not like converse). Vejas so uncomfortable and tongue huge and always gave me blisters.

Can stretch budget for a good pair. But welcome advice on comfort! How hot they are etc! Thanks!

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Whippet Tue 04-May-21 10:49:28

There was a whole thread about this recently: www.mumsnet.com/Talk/style_and_beauty/4215663-Please-tell-me-your-best-white-trainer-purchases-Ideally-to-wear-with-midi-and-maxi-skirts-but-comfy-enough-to-walk-a-distance

comberbird Tue 04-May-21 10:53:30

Oh thank you I will look it up!

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Oly4 Tue 04-May-21 22:00:25

Supergas. I also hate Veja.. so uncomfortable

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