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dopeyduck Mon 03-May-21 09:45:39

So I have had my mid brown long hair highlighted blonde for years and years and never had an issue (same hair stylist).

I had a baby just before covid and then it's been a weird year so I've only had my hair coloured in September 2019, May 2020, then a couple of weeks ago.

Where my roots were so dark the colour at the top has some brassy tones throughout. Stylist put a toner on and I've been using an intensive purple shampoo since but it's not shifting.

Hopefully this won't be a problem long term as I'll be able to have regular colours again

Any suggestions for the interim?

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dementedpixie Mon 03-May-21 14:58:06

Sounds like the bleach was either the wrong strength or not left on long enough. Purple shampoo won't help if the hair isn't light enough in the first place. Blue shampoo is supposed to help if you have orange tones

Laiste Mon 03-May-21 15:57:43

You can buy some 20% developer on amazon cheaply (big enough to last ages) and buy a little bottle (42ml) of Wella Toner T18 on OnBuy for £7/£10. (One use - once opened you can't store it.)

Mix 2 parts developer to one part toner (so the whole little bottle of toner with 100ml of developer) in a dish and put in hair and leave in for 15 mins. It will slightly lighten your dark natural roots (blends it in nicely) and take out all the brass from the blonde. It wont touch dark dyed hair.

Longer than 15 mins and you risk a bit of a grey/purple tone creeping on your lightest bits but that washes out after a couple of washes leaving lovely pale blonde.

Been doing this for years smile

Stargazer86 Mon 03-May-21 16:00:18

I've got a similar issue, I've also heard blue shampoo is meant to help but still looking for a good one. Lots seem to have bad reviews about them being very drying...

Spaceprincess Tue 04-May-21 22:26:16

Matrix blue shampoo is very good.

StellaLeonte Wed 05-May-21 13:41:37

What about Kevin Murphy Cool Angel?

StellaLeonte Wed 05-May-21 13:42:39

Also purple shampoo only works if the brassiness is yellow. You need blue if it’s orange.

dopeyduck Sun 09-May-21 19:54:57

Some good tips thanks all!

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