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PegasusReturns Fri 30-Apr-21 20:47:42

This seems weirdly impossible.

I’ve got a big event - fingers crossed - in the summer and I’m looking for some fabulous shoes, preferably neutral but could do pink/coral/pastels etc. But key is wow factor.

I’ve spent hours looking and don’t think I’m that fussy but cannot find anything.

So criteria:
Not flats but max 70mm heel
Not black
No Perspex or glitter
Definitely leather
Stylish not “quirky” so no irregular choice.

No real budget, I’ll pay for something amazing. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and everything is just so dull.

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JetBlackSteed Fri 30-Apr-21 21:00:32

Where have you looked? Small independents like this one near me?

SummaLuvin Fri 30-Apr-21 21:01:12

Something by Manolo Blahnik?

DietrichandDiMaggio Fri 30-Apr-21 21:12:51


Where have you looked? Small independents like this one near me?

Well that certainly made me think wow, but not in the way I think the OP means!
What sort of big event would anyone wear any of those shoes to?

StellaLeonte Fri 30-Apr-21 21:20:11

Have you looked at Mimi’s Edits? They do kitten heeled mules:

nowlook Fri 30-Apr-21 21:24:29

I have a few pairs of Bobbies, if they're your kind of thing Bobbies Paris

MoltonSilver Fri 30-Apr-21 21:25:14

Neutral shoes are never going have a wow factor. They're supposed to be dull. That's the whole point of them.

FionaMacCool Fri 30-Apr-21 21:32:27

OP can you give an example of what you mean?

For instance : I love lurking on the shoes from The Fold
but they're probably more of a "wow" work shoe rather than an event?

Meghan Markle has a great wardrobe of event shoes- is that what you had in mind. Though hers tend to be quite vertiginous, so possibly not, height-wise?

These LK Bennett, are smashing, I think:

They also have a "Royal Ascot" range; or these patent pink beauties

Perhaps you've tried all those avenues already?

daisyducky Fri 30-Apr-21 21:37:52

Jimmy Choo Bing or Jimmy Choo Sacora? Very budget busting though..

PegasusReturns Fri 30-Apr-21 21:41:01

I generally like manolos but not see anything that I love enough to pay what seems like a recently inflated price tag.

@nowlook love those but not quite what I’m looking for this time.

@StellaLeonte love that site - not come across it before. Can’t see any suitable shows but lots of ideas for other events

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PegasusReturns Fri 30-Apr-21 21:43:28

@FionaMacCool this is as near as I can find to what I mean. But not quite right.

I think the issue is that everything party-esque has a 10cm heel and after a year wearing not much other than my ugg slippers my knees and feet won’t take it.

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RestingPandaFace Fri 30-Apr-21 21:43:47

A bit higher than you wanted but neutral and wow all in one!

WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Fri 30-Apr-21 21:46:10

Chie Mihara have a huge and interesting range.

RestingPandaFace Fri 30-Apr-21 21:46:14

What’s your budget? so that I can shoe shop vicariously

Bluntness100 Fri 30-Apr-21 21:50:18

These are gorgeous, just slightly higher than you want but similar to what your image is.

Ruthietuthie Fri 30-Apr-21 21:52:03

What about Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Mule Pump, with the smaller heel in the pink?:

InJest Fri 30-Apr-21 21:52:42

These are gold, but fairly neutral and similar(ish) to what you posted

FionaMacCool Fri 30-Apr-21 21:56:16

Aha, now I see in what direction you are heading.

What about these at 75mm:

FionaMacCool Fri 30-Apr-21 21:58:07

These from Aquazzura are 105mm but have an ankle strap:

Ruthietuthie Fri 30-Apr-21 21:58:58

Or what about a metallic, which can also be a good neutral?
Like a Prada maryjane?

RestingPandaFace Fri 30-Apr-21 22:00:03


These are gold, but fairly neutral and similar(ish) to what you posted

I like those in the fuschia too.

RestingPandaFace Fri 30-Apr-21 22:00:22

Not leather but I like these

Ruthietuthie Fri 30-Apr-21 22:01:30

The Alaia "bombe" sandals, posted by @FionaMacCool, are PERFECTION.

JW13 Fri 30-Apr-21 22:03:34

These are pricey but striking:

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Fri 30-Apr-21 22:03:50

Very pretty

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