Another knicker thread!

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prettylittlestar Wed 05-May-21 12:51:05

Sainsbury's or marks

TollgateDebs Wed 05-May-21 12:47:22

I've recently bought from Sandras Online and great quality knickers, better than the Sloggis that previously were my favourites.

Sickoffamilydrama Tue 04-May-21 22:27:29

I've got some sloggi Weekender ones and they are so comfortable. I have other pairs but choose to area them the most.

I got into comfy knickers after kids thongs just became uncomfortable.

Waterfallgirl Tue 04-May-21 22:16:57

I hope you have better luck than me, I’ve found my recent ones are thin, got holes in the material and the lace has gone ‘hard’ - such a shame !

NeedWineNow Tue 04-May-21 14:05:36

Thirding the M&S ones and also these

QueenPaw Tue 04-May-21 13:16:33

Second the M&S ones

stripes1 Tue 04-May-21 11:49:31

I’ve just bought a pack of these, really comfortable, no VPL and the lace back stops them looking like granny knickers!


Waterfallgirl Tue 04-May-21 11:41:02

I have had the same recently. I used to love the m and s shorts which have a lace edge so no vpl. But recent purchases have made me feel they’ve changed supplier - the quality is so poor . So I saw an offer for Victoria’s Secret - and gave them a go they don’t just sell the micro knickers you see in the adverts! I have some lovely ones and mostly cotton or cotton mix which I like. Definitely recommend.

Livingoffroyalities Tue 04-May-21 11:36:00


(Shameless bump)

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Livingoffroyalities Thu 29-Apr-21 11:04:01

Suddenly all my thongs are uncomfortable - must be getting old! grin
So I am looking a fuller pair of knickers that don’t show under clothes, like skinnies or leggings. I don’t want ugly granny knickers and prefer natural fibres. Any recommendations?

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