Need to find me a wedding outfit...

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takemetomiami Mon 26-Apr-21 21:39:35

What would you suggest for a wedding outfit for someone 5'3" 12-14...not much of a waist...who hates their legs?! Everything seems to be a bit shift dress! Ideally I'd wear trousers but don't want to look like I'm going to work.

Any ideas?! Don't want to show my legs, don't want anything clingy around the stomach...

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FreshFaceTime Tue 27-Apr-21 08:50:24

Jump suit? With the right accessories they can look fab and I've seen people wear them at weddings.

Disclaimer: I've never worn a jumpsuit in my life. Never found one that fits me properly. I do love the way they look on other people though!

Horsemad Tue 27-Apr-21 08:59:55

I'm a similar size/shape to you and bought this for a wedding last year (been postponed until next year now), it's very flattering - I shall just not be able to drink much as going to the loo may be a faff! 🤣

Also, I hope it still fits me next year!! 😳

SummaLuvin Tue 27-Apr-21 09:00:45

I have been eyeing this up and would love to have a wedding to wear it to, sadly I don't. Probably for the best as it is silk, £165, and dry clean only.

Horsemad Tue 27-Apr-21 09:00:55

Oops, would help if I posted the pic! 😃

Chatanooga1 Tue 27-Apr-21 10:01:15

Navy wrap jumpsuit

coronafiona Tue 27-Apr-21 10:58:13

takemetomiami Tue 27-Apr-21 13:14:05

I really like the idea of a jumpsuit and love a wrap front. I like the Boden one I'm just not sure if it's dressy enough for a wedding?

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takemetomiami Tue 27-Apr-21 13:36:41

Where else might sell nice suitable for a wedding jumpsuits? Tried phase eight, coast, monsoon....

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WouldBeGood Tue 27-Apr-21 13:39:26

The Nancy Mac ones look gorgeous. Though pricey.

NoSiree Tue 27-Apr-21 14:50:59

I think the Boden one is dressy enough for a wedding with the right accessories. It's also lovely and I sort of want it, but I don't need it at all!

NoSiree Tue 27-Apr-21 14:51:21

Try Alice Temperley Somerset or Whistles as well.

Oddbutnotodd Tue 27-Apr-21 15:23:02

I think you have to be realistic about jumpsuits at an event with getting out of them for a loo break. Maybe a matching top and trousers will give the look and be more practical.

SageRosemary Tue 27-Apr-21 16:04:59

QVC have lots of jumpsuits. If you see a shape you like, click on it to see if they have it in a different colour¤tPage=1&sort=Price+-+High+to+Low#plModule

Procrastatron Tue 27-Apr-21 16:30:48

Hmm, not sure I’d want to grapple with a jumpsuit in a cubical loo after some fizz...
I have been invited to an October wedding which I think is semi formal and I’m eyeing up the oversized blazer over a midi or maxi satin slip look. Appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste though

simonthedog Tue 27-Apr-21 16:35:08

Next they showed this one on This Morning today styled with pale blue suede shoes and a fascinator it looked lovely and comes in petite if needed too.

WouldBeGood Tue 27-Apr-21 17:21:48

@takemetomiami there are actually loads of wide leg trousers around this year, plain or patterned, so it would be easy to get the look without the peeing hassle 😃

takemetomiami Tue 27-Apr-21 18:17:44

Oh bugger, I hadn't even thought of going to the loo 🤦‍♀️ I've ordered one from phase eight to try on, I'll see how fiddly it is and take it from there. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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ThankYouDebbie Sat 01-May-21 04:30:24

If it's a reasonable size wedding, you can just ask another woman n the ladies to help you with the very top bit of un-doing/doing-up a jumpsuit grin

Tomasinabombadil Tue 04-May-21 18:07:46

I’m roughly same size as you a pear shape & 5ft 4in and my go to for wedding outfits over the past few years have been 50s style full skirted swing dresses with a longer length net petticoat, I don’t like my legs on show either.🙄 I’ve bought from Lady Vintage in the past and have another of their dresses awaiting a wedding in October this year, postponed from last year.
I’ll try to attach a photo of my last outfit in which I chose a completely different colour for the net petticoat & accessories. 🙂

bellocchild Tue 04-May-21 18:12:24

You really do need clean and spacious loos to wear a jumpsuit comfortably. Perhaps convenience outweighs vanity on this one?

MrsBa Tue 04-May-21 18:18:18

I wore something like this for my nieces wedding, plus sparkly sandals and bag. perfect

pollymere Tue 04-May-21 19:55:36

Nice dress. You could buy from somewhere that does a nice petite range and get a maxi dress. Think floaty rather than shift, or go 1950s in shape with a full skirt.

Commonwasher Thu 06-May-21 09:42:54

I’d vote for a jumpsuit too. I don’t think it matter so much what you wear, as how you dress it up. I tend to buy things I will wear again without the ‘wedding trimmings’, but I’m of the mind that you can dress any outfit up for a wedding (bar jeans, PE kit or a white frock) with the addition of a nice clutch bag and fascinator.

I went to a big snazzy wedding in a navy print jersey Fat Face maxidress, I wore it with a white jacket and the obligatory clutch bag/flying saucer headband. Lots of compliments, and I think it must have looked ok as my sister then borrowed it for the next family wedding we went to but wore it with a coral cardi, wrap and a flowery fascinator.

I wore the dress on the beach later that same year!

How about one of these? Both Next.

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