26 B/C first bra for a teen - any ideas where to find?

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NotOnMute Mon 19-Apr-21 07:59:23

We are off to John Lewis but will be in a big shopping centre - any ideas of other places to try? Looking for something to prevent bounce when running, that doesn’t show under clothes.

Boob or bust says 26 B/C, but I know those don’t exist...

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SirVixofVixHall Mon 19-Apr-21 08:11:47

You won’t get. 26 band, but many teen bras have very small bands. Boob or bust uses the system where your rib measurement is your band size, but not all bras are manufactured this way. My dd measures 24” around her ribs but we have found that some 28 band teenage bras are small enough. Marks and Spencer do a simple bra, i think it might be called a sports bra, in their teenage section , it isn’t padded, and that is really small around the ribs. Some of their padded ones are a bit larger but I think you might find something that will fit.
John Lewis teenage range might well be the same. I know dd1 had a teenage bra from John Lewis.
Be warned that both places essentially have mixed sex changing rooms, as their policy now is to allow male people to use the women’s changing room if they feel “more comfortable “ with that. So any male person can insist it matches his gender identity and use the changing room alongside young girls.

funtimefrank Mon 19-Apr-21 08:12:31

I gave up tbh. We started at 28a. It was ok. I couldn't find anywhere with a 26 (mine measured the same).

WhereAreWeNow Mon 19-Apr-21 10:28:33

I would try 28A or 28B

WhereAreWeNow Mon 19-Apr-21 10:29:44

Or just stretchy cropped top type bras that come in age sizes or XS. At 28A a cropped top should give enough support.

poorbuthappy Mon 19-Apr-21 10:30:54

Recommend Primark soft wireless crop tops.
Pack of 3 £10
Comfy and grown up enough.

NotOnMute Mon 19-Apr-21 10:56:09

Thanks! Had an excellent fitting in John Lewis, and found one style in a 28A which was a perfect fit.

Tried Primark but there weren’t any 28 or 30 backs in the lingerie section, and all the crop tops had elastic several inches too wide (we compared with the bra we had just bought at John Lewis), but then we found a starter bra in the older girls section which is basically the same (a little bit smaller than) the John Lewis one, so we bought that to try. It only comes in 28 and 30 A, though, so if it is a bit small there aren’t any options to size up.

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