Does anyone know where I can find a top like this?

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Bluebutterfly36 Sun 18-Apr-21 11:21:58

It’s the grey top in the attached photo. I would love to find somewhere that sells lots of this kind of thing - thin cotton/stretchy layering tops, different length sleeves, but properly designed rather than just standard cami/tank top or scoop/v neck in thick cotton. I’ve been searching online but it just comes up with Boden/M&S/Gap boring basics. I like this one because it’s got a great neckline, 3/4 sleeves, fitted around the bust and thin material. Can anyone suggest a shop that sells lots of this kind of thing?! Thank you!!

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ToManderleyAgain Sun 18-Apr-21 11:45:05

I love a sweetheart neckline too but haven’t seen many tees with one lately. I used to have a Baukjen top similar to the one in your photo so you might have some luck searching eBay? I’ve just bought a bamboo tee from here that fits your other criteria (except the neckline) so I wonder whether you might have some joy searching for yoga wear. It’s possible that Kettlewell might have something that works for you too:

Bluebutterfly36 Sun 18-Apr-21 12:03:46

Hi @ToManderleyAgain thanks so much for your reply and the links. Searching yoga wear is a brilliant idea!!

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