Me too !!!

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Parsley1234 Sun 18-Apr-21 09:46:32

How old do I look !!

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Parsley1234 Sun 18-Apr-21 09:46:54

No makeup or filters taken yesterday

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tildaandjo Sun 18-Apr-21 09:47:40


tildaandjo Sun 18-Apr-21 09:48:08

You look lovely by the way

SmidgenofaPigeon Sun 18-Apr-21 09:48:52

Quite a bandwagon this is turning out to be.


JackieWeaverFever Sun 18-Apr-21 09:49:39


MarshmallowPink Sun 18-Apr-21 09:58:13


Parsley1234 Sun 18-Apr-21 10:18:57

I’m 54 and obviously an attention seeker as I have two threads going by mistake

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