Work crisis in style confidence!

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Helpmyhair2019 Sun 18-Apr-21 09:22:40

I have a relatively new job which I enjoy. The other staff all tend to wear trousers and trainers and more sporty type clothing. However although I am losing weight I cannot for the life of me find trousers I feel happy wearing.

I usually wear dresses with boots/trainers and cardigans. I feel this look suits me better at the moment. But I feel like I look to smart compared to everyone else (ages range from 20-60ish and I’m 44) and worry people think I’m trying too hard! In an ideal world I’d love to be more casual at work but due to my current body shape and size I just end up looking like a sack of potatoes! I’m thinking I should just ‘own’ the look I have and stop worrying?

There is a very informal dress code and the only rules are you can’t wear blue jeans or crop tops!

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Candleabra Sun 18-Apr-21 09:29:00

Do you have to wear trousers? Just wear the clothes you feel comfortable in.
If you like dresses, have a look at some more casual ones. Im a similar age and the corporate style dresses are a bit dated now I agree. So much easier when you started work 20 years ago and bought a suit!

TableNiner Sun 18-Apr-21 14:35:37

I think it can be hard to copy people if a different style actually suits you. It’s taken me a while to realise I don’t feel comfortable in very casual clothes, I need something more elevated or I look and feel drab. When I go for a walk I put boots or shoes on, not trainers.I think it’s also harder to wear very casual clothes as you get older, it doesn’t look effortless, it looks like you just gave up.

But what you’re describing isn’t actually that smart, just sounds put together and elegant. I think it’s just about making sure the details are fashionable. Shoes and cover ups vary so much, eg a bomber style cardigan is more stylish than a shrug.

Defiantly41 Sun 18-Apr-21 14:41:41

Cardigans can be very frumpy - not all, but you might find a jacket sharpens up your dress & boots look. Not necessarily a stiff formal jacket, but a jersey or knitted blazer, or a soft leather or suede jacket might work.

Defiantly41 Sun 18-Apr-21 14:46:05

This corduroy blazer is a bargain, available in 3 colours and a wide range of sizes

Helpmyhair2019 Sun 18-Apr-21 17:33:16

Thanks all. I think I’m just overthinking things! I don’t wear office style dresses - more tea dress style or midi dress with trainers and boots. I do struggle with cardigans as I feel quite frumpy and I love that blazer but I’ve got big boobs so find it impossible to wear them unfortunately. I think I will just continue with how I am for now and then once I’ve lost a bit more weight try trousers once more! 😂

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