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HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 17-Apr-21 11:16:05

Does anyone have experience with me&em? Looking at a lovely blouse, model wears 8 (she's teeny tiny) but says generous fit so if petite size down. I am petite but nothing like model and yet if I size down I'd take the same size. I've had a bit of bad experience with this in general, model wears S but I need the xs despite being bigger than model confused (not with me&em) Are they pinning models into clothes I wonder?! Anyway, any me&em advice appreciated.

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paddingtonbear1 Sat 17-Apr-21 11:21:52

I haven't tried the tops but have a few pairs of their jogger style trousers. I'm normally a 12 in jeans/trousers but in me&em I had to send the more relaxed fit ones back and order a 10!

HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 17-Apr-21 11:28:18

OK, that would tie in with the v slim model in the size 8 (I have friends a size 6 that aren't so slim). I can get swamped in on fitted tops, which this is, do wanted to check.. Thank you for that. They do have some lovely stuff but it's pricey!

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HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 17-Apr-21 16:25:57

Actually looking again at the model, I do think that they've possibly pinned it in a little... Could they do that I wonder? Using the model they think best to show it off? Take a look

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HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 17-Apr-21 16:26:52

I should have said above 'which this isn't*'

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paddingtonbear1 Tue 20-Apr-21 21:27:12

I'm not sure but looking at the photos, it does look a large fit - if I was buying I'd try the 10 (I'm 10/12 on top).

HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 24-Apr-21 08:35:47

OK I think I will go for the 8 and keep my fingers crossed. What colouring do you need for lemon to suit?!

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Ponks Sat 24-Apr-21 09:13:40

I'm sure all companies pin the clothes to make them look / hang the best. I ordered a dress from Hush that looked fairly fitted on the website but even sizing down it turned out to be a big boxy sack.

HeyGirlHeyBoy Sat 24-Apr-21 09:26:41

Very annoying. No point saying 'Model wears S' if she's pinned in to it, as that is supposed to be a point of reference! You're right it's probably wide spread. Has the same with Sezane.

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HeyGirlHeyBoy Mon 26-Apr-21 17:30:35

I've had it with a Gap order today. V slim model wears slim fit joggers, size S. I order same in S.... Massive, big around bum and stomach... So bloody annoying.

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HelenHywater Mon 26-Apr-21 20:10:56

I don't look at what the model is wearing though. I just get my normal size.

Me&Em is normal size although trousers are super long and tops are too short in the body for me. I am a 10 and buy a 10 from there.

HeyGirlHeyBoy Mon 26-Apr-21 21:15:55

When it's small or extra small I look for a reference point, otherwise what's the point of telling us what model wears etc. If we could depend on a 10 actually being a 10 that would be great but there's so much difference in sizing between companies. Good to know tho re Me&Em. Really annoyed about Gap!!

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